Sharing Direct Selling’s Global Impact

Apr 29, 2022
By DSJ Staff

The direct selling channel makes a positive socio-economic impact across the global. Amway is pleased to share its recently released 2021 Amway Global Impact Report that demonstrates the impact of one of the industry’s largest companies.

Amway combined its Media Guide and CSR Report to create this new format. The theme of their 2021 Global Impact Report, which is also woven into the Sales Announcement, is “Powered by People.” People are the heartbeat of their diverse global company. They are powered by so many inspiring and passionate people around the world. The Amway team worked hard to infuse energy, authenticity and passion into this report.

The full report can be viewed several ways:


When DSJ asked Amway for a summary of their report, the company shared the following.   

At Amway, we believe in the potential that exists within all of us. Together, we shape Amway’s future as a health and wellness company focused on empowering people and caring for our planet. In the 2021 Amway Global Impact Report, you will read how we are working to be more sustainable and more innovative as we develop products that help people live better, healthier lives—our purpose for more than 60 years. Behind the numbers, initiatives and strategies are the people who make it all possible, and many of their faces are featured in this report. The past few years have undoubtedly been challenging, as we continue to navigate a unique time in history together. Through it all, the passion and entrepreneurial spirit within Amway is stronger and more evident than ever. Our future is truly bright.

  • April 2022