DSA 2022 Awards Finalists Announced

Apr 29, 2022
By DSJ Staff
Finalists in the categories of product innovation, new technology, and marketing pivots across the direct selling industry have been selected for the 2022 DSA Awards.  
“These awards are important for the channel, because they celebrate what DSA members are doing today to shape direct selling's future and how these efforts will shape the nature of competition for decades to come," says Joseph N. Mariano, president and CEO of the U.S. Direct Selling Association (DSA).
Cateory winners will be selected from these finalists before hundreds of direct selling executives who have already registered for DSA ENGAGE: Conversion Immersion, and the 2022 DSA Awards Gala scheduled for on June 7 in Boca Raton, FL.
To view the finalists' entries in each category, please browse the entries.



Arbonne International - Dermresults Illuminating Skin Therapy Concentrate

Finding that one brilliant product that boosts the effects of any skincare routine is a challenge. That’s why Arbonne created Dermresults Illuminating Skin Therapy Concentrate.

With fewer than 10 ingredients, this high-potency antioxidant-rich face serum is like liquid gold for your skin and complements any regimen! with 15% vitamin C, 2% bakuchiol, 1% ferulic acid and vitamin E, it can reduce the appearance of environmental damage caused by pollution and ozone with consistent use.

This vegan formula helps improve the look of wrinkles and dark spots over time, as it enhances the appearance of elasticity, firmness and texture by supporting the skin’s barrier with hydration.


Nu Skin Enterprises - ageLOC Meta

After seven years of scientific research, Nu Skin scientists launched ageLOC® Meta, a powerful standardized supplement that supports metabolic health and overall well-being.

With today’s modern lifestyle, we aren’t getting the nutrients we need from our daily diets. Research shows that including 215 mg of anthocyanins into your daily diet can help metabolic health, antioxidant defense, promote a healthy microbiome, and maintain healthy blood glucose.

Anthocyanins are a phytochemical found in certain fruits, berries, and grains. Unfortunately, data also suggests that the average adult daily intake is less than 25 mg. ageLOC Meta offers 215 mg of anthocyanins, with a unique combination of cyanidin and delphinidin, the two most effective types of anthocyanins. Nu Skin’s formula is standardized to guarantee the optimal amount of anthocyanins in each daily dose.


Scentsy Inc. - Scentsy Air Purifier

Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant levels are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. At Scentsy, we have always been committed to designing high-quality, inventive, family-friendly and safe products to “Fill your life with fragrance.”

As an extension of that commitment, we began exploring new ways to approach trending air purifier technology. We were already filling the air in homes around the world with fragrance, but what if we could purify it, too? We knew that blending these two functions would result in an innovative product unlike anything on the market. We introduced the Scentsy Air Purifier on Aug. 1, 2021, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Not only is the Scentsy Air Purifier an innovative way to clean the air — and fill it with beautiful fragrance — it’s also a game-changing opportunity for Scentsy Consultants to grow their businesses. From the initial Air Purifier purchase to ongoing purchases of the consumable products a customer needs to use it effectively, it ensures lasting income and follow-up opportunities.

From August through December 2021, Air Purifier sales brought in $5 million in new global revenue!


The Avon Company - Farm Rx

Avon's Farm Rx is a vegan skin care collection with natural plant-based ingredients for healthy skin.

Formulated with Avon's innovative Slow Herb Complex™, featuring a blend of botanicals that thrive in dry conditions and are slowly cold-brewed to extract antioxidants for peak efficacy.

The result? Skin feels instantly nourished with a fresh, healthy-looking, dewy glow.




Arbonne International - Very Merry Cherry Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks - Tart Cherry and Ginseng

Fizz Sticks are a consistent top seller and income energizer with five permanent flavors and a vegan formula that delivers a clean energy boost without the high sugar with a fun bubbly reaction when added to water.

A highly requested flavor in this bestselling product, Tart Cherry Fizz was a new option introduced to help kick off the holiday season. With an on-trend color and flavor profile, the product was poised for a successful launch campaign that leveraged the excitement of bBack Friday shopping and a limited time release. Creatively, the imagery behind the campaign tied to the rest of our holiday offerings, which were inspired by the vibrancy of nature.

The tagline of “Very. Merry. Cherry.” was used to seamlessly fold in all aspects of the fizz. 


Scentsy Inc. - Life's A Garden

In the spring of 2021, we knew that Scentsy had a unique opportunity to bring beauty and joy to people in uncertain times, whether that meant giving home-bound families a new source of income or simply filling their spaces with safe, beautiful fragrance. To expand on both opportunities, we designed the limited-edition Life’s a Garden Collection.

Not only would it give Consultants something new and exciting to share with customers to increase their sales during traditionally slower months. But it would also embrace the global trend toward simple ingredients, more meaningful experiences, and the celebration of nature’s bounty — like spending time in your very own kitchen garden. We uniquely marketed a new, garden-inspired Scentsy Warmer for each region with five new Life’s a Garden fragrances, to complete the trend story and as a means for customers to experience each scent to the fullest. Each bundle included a packet of mixed herb seeds — customers were invited to grow their own indoor herb gardens to further create an earthy, grounded atmosphere to complement their new fragrances.

Life’s a Garden was a hit among Consultants and customers, resulting in $3.42 million in new revenue globally, roughly double our forecasted revenue!


SeneGence International - Miss USA

SeneGence announced this special marketing campaign / partnership with the Miss USA organization in July 2021 in Frisco, Texas.

2008’s Miss USA and National Director for the organization Crystle Stewart joined SeneGence Founder + CEO Joni Rogers-Kante at SeneGence’s annual event to announce their partnership. This exciting campaign was particularly meaningful for Joni Rogers-Kante.

The 70th edition of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA awards were held in November 2021 in Tulsa, OK and broadcast live from the Paradise Cove Theater of River Spirit Casino Resort. Reigning Miss USA Asya Branch of Mississippi crowned her successor Elle Smith (KY) at the end of the evening. SeneGence and the Miss USA organization partnership campaign included exclusivity for cosmetics, TV coverage (SeneGence commercials, a backstage LipSense® lounge, SeneGence cosmetics used on contestants and talent), Miss USA and Miss Teen USA custom LipSense collection, and giveaways.

And Joni Rogers-Kante served as a judge for the Miss Teen USA portion of the pageant The Miss USA organization is committed to bringing pageants into the everyday lives of young women across America. Their Pageantry Reimagined® presents a new generation of women of influence who the world has yet to meet.




Nexio was created as an open payments platform, designed to give back the leverage and the power every business needs to control and dictate its payments strategy, both locally and globally.

Nexio/CMS is a gateway and processor agnostic external tokenization hub that consolidates all payment services into one simple dashboard. Developers built Nexio for developers. Their straightforward API speeds up clients' time to market by helping remove the complexity of a complicated integration process. They enable companies to consolidate their payment infrastructure into one single integration point.

At Nexio, we are giving companies control over their payments, connecting them to the best-in-class tools, and the ability to scale where and when they are ready. We provide a payment orchestration layer built with a modern technology stack in a modular and agile form. With one straightforward integration, companies have access to all the payment technologies needed to participate in the world of global commerce.

Nexio is an open payments platform.



Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) supercharges distributed workforces to perform the right business activities at the right time. PEP is a data-driven technology that makes it fun and rewarding for each individual to continuously take the steps towards success at every stage of building and growing their business. Rallyware has been adopted by dozens of direct selling companies in 57 countries supporting over 20 languages for millions of their distributed workforces.



Every company has a purpose. Because the purpose of direct sales is to create a customer, there are two basic functions: marketing and innovation that attract and develop productive distributors who find and support customers.

At ServiceQuest we guide our clients through the direct-to-consumer journey to ensure happy customers and productive, successful distributors. We are known for our emphasis on the experience: why they join, why they stay, and why they leave. And we translate decades of serving hundreds of clients into practices and training to launch new companies, revitalize stuck companies, and serve the unique needs and projects of global direct sales giants.

From customer service training and scripts, tech implementation, compliance, and unique problem-solving to strategies and accelerators that create new seasons of growth, we specialize in helping our clients win with direct sales.



Arbonne International - Flourishing for the Future

In 2021 the company invited its consultants to join  in completing acts of social and environmental impact to ensure people and the planet flourish for the future.

To gamify and bring this giving campaign to life, Arbonne partnered up with fellow B Corporation, Xocial, to track these acts that support our mission of sustainable and healthy living. For Arbonne’s annual Flourishing for the Future Award, consultants completed challenges centered on the five stakeholder pillars in our accountability compass.

To hold us accountable, We measured our community's total impact against our Sustainability Compass and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Jeunesse Global - Jeunesse Kids Funds WE College School of Business & Entrepreneurship

Jeunesse Kids™ partnered with WE Charity to build the WE College School of Business & Entrepreneurship in Kenya to offer higher education to rural students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend college.

This $1 million project was fully funded by Jeunesse Distributors around the world. Construction was completed in 2021 and the inaugural class of 20 students began their life-changing journey in January 2022. Equipping rural Kenyans with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to start, operate and expand their business is a key tactic to long-term poverty alleviation. Attaining a college degree is life changing, particularly for young women who would otherwise be subject to early marriage, forgoing their dreams for a lifetime of limited opportunities.

Students who complete the degree program become entrepreneurs who not only change their own circumstances but help to lift their communities out of poverty by starting businesses in their communities, providing jobs, increasing wages, improving local economic growth, and addressing societal issues, all of which provide a lasting impact. The School of Business & Entrepreneurship will act as a lifeline to impoverished students and communities for decades into the future.


Plexus Worldwide - Nourish One

In 2018, Plexus launched Nourish One, a cause marketing campaign designed to address food insecurity in cities across the United States.

Plexus teamed up with Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization which provides meals to individuals by supplying 200 community food banks in cities nationwide. Plexus celebrated this new partnership at its annual convention by inviting Feeding America representatives onstage and presenting them with a $100,000 donation.

Thousands of Plexus Brand Ambassadors in the crowd gave them a standing ovation as they witnessed the start of something powerful. That was just the beginning.


Young Living - Developing Enterprise Program

The Young Living Artesian Program is a partnership with female-led artisan groups across the globe to provide fair wages and opportunities for women to become more financially dependent by selling their handcrafted items though Young Living’s marketplace.

Our program helps female entrepreneurs prosper as part of our holistic vision of creating a rising generation that is free to thrive and create positive change. We know that if we invest in women, we also are strengthening communities and supporting women in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty for their children. Since starting our program in 2020, we have connected with over 15 groups including those who have experienced extreme poverty, disability, displacement, trauma, exploitation, or violence.

These artisanal items are made of ethically and sustainably sourced materials from 11 different countries including India, Ecuador, Uganda, and Nepal. Our commitment to helping these resilient women build strong and sustainable enterprises will lead to more income-generating opportunities and help those rising out of poverty.

With fair and consistent pay, our partner artisans are better able to support the needs of themselves and families, as well as develop new skills, making a life-long impact.



Herbalife Nutrition - HN Grow

Herbalife Nutrition created a custom, mobile-first learning application called HN Grow to help keep independent distributors engaged, boost their confidence and drive their performance.

HN Grow is available in 44 countries, 13 languages and hosts more than 1600 localized learning items, including eLearning modules, training videos, podcasts and presentations.

With gamification in the form of points, badges and certificates to reward the distributor through their learning journey, HN Grow has provided "edutainment" to more than 200,000 independent distributors as of December 2021.


Jeunesse - Spreading Jeunesse Love Social Media Training & Recognition

Jeunesse® launched the #SpreadingJeunesseLove campaign in 2021 to teach Distributors best practices for utilizing social media to build their business. The campaign demonstrated how to best promote their Jeunesse business on their personal social media accounts, while recognizing those who were successful in doing so.

Jeunesse posted in both the feed and in stories across the company’s social media channels seeking Distributors who were spreading Jeunesse love on social media. Distributors were then asked to tag Jeunesse and use the hashtag when sharing content on social media for the opportunity to be re-shared on the company’s global social media channels. To tie in the important recognition component to the campaign, Jeunesse created the #JeunesseStars hashtag and posts weekly on its Jeunesse Global Stars Instagram page to recognize individual Distributors who are successfully spreading Jeunesse love (with 42 posts and counting).

Jeunesse has experienced a significant increase in engagement and user generated content in which the company is tagged in since launching the campaign and has found that social media engagement increases over 500% when sharing #SpreadingJeunesseLove content! The campaign empowers Jeunesse Distributors to create their own share worthy content while helping them build their personal brand through social media.


Jordan Essentials - Community Classes

2020 provided many challenges for those in direct selling, especially party plan companies. Our business model is based on people getting together, interacting, and experiencing our products' look, feel, and smell.

We supported the pivot of our consultants in 2020 to online parties, including Facebook parties and ZOOM parties. As we moved into 2021, it was time for another shift. Our field needed a simple system to introduce more people to Jordan Essentials in a fun, interactive way that didn't require people to "join" something, and it needed to be quick and easy. We shifted our focus to public Community Classes held on our Jordan Essentials Facebook Business Page.

The business page is open, easy to share, and all-inclusive. Consultants, customers, and guests participate in a fun, interactive experience. Each month a different topic is shared.

The Community Class exposes Jordan Essentials to a wider audience. Consultants openly share the class, follow up with guests and reap the benefits of a growing business. Consultants are also encouraged to use the classes as parties with hosts and guests attending. Consultants often have several parties attending the community class each month.


Pampered Chef - Shared Rewards

As part of a strategic focus on innovating best-in-class experiences for consultants and customers, Pampered Chef® conducted independent research across North America to understand buying behavior, and found that customers who purchase from direct selling companies often attribute their motivation to supporting the party host.

Based on these findings, Pampered Chef® identified a need to create a new party experience that would attract customers based on the quality of the products, inspiration, and overall party experience. In 2020, Pampered Chef® piloted Shared Rewards—a community party model that offers both hosts and guests the opportunity to share in the rewards. The more everyone shops, the more everyone saves! Based on successful pilot results,

Shared Rewards launched in January 2021 as an additional way to party with Pampered Chef. Within one year, Shared Rewards parties drove 39% more orders per party, 12% higher revenue per party, and attracted 70,000 new customers. Guests reported that their primary shopping motivation was their desire to purchase Pampered Chef’s® high-quality products.



Herbalife Biz Works Plus App

BizWorks is a tool that helps Herbalife Nutrition Distributors track, manage, and grow their downline business by providing near real-time business insights and reports. It enables Distributors to make timely & targeted actions and communications to support the growth of their business.

Bizworks has a suite of reports, dashboards, and widgets available to access on a Desktop. In 2021 Herbalife Nutrition launched a new BizWorks Plus Mobile App with the vision to help: Simplify the complexities of managing a multi-level marketing business; A tool for Distributors to stay on top of their business anywhere, anytime; Distributors to find opportunities through data insights in real time! Stay engaged and always connected with downlines and leaders from all over the world!

Some of the most loved and used features include: Royalty Estimator – estimates earnings in real time. Personalized Data insights and recommendations using the power of Ai (Artificial intelligence). Push Notifications – get notified on new downlines, preferred customers, production trends and new opportunities to earn more. Social Media Messaging - share achievements on social media and reach out to downline via Whatsapp, Telegram, Message or Call. Profile Picture – create a visual association and stay connected with downline from all over the world.


Mary Kay - Mary Kay App

The Mary Kay® App was designed to help Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants boost product sales and run their businesses more efficiently in a rapidly changing marketplace.

By providing a digitally dynamic resource featuring an abundance of technological benefits, this app has allowed customers to shop their favorite products on demand and directly from their Independent Beauty Consultants with ease.

If a potential customer does not have an Independent Beauty Consultant, this app will help them locate one, providing a seamless shopping experience with unparalleled customer service.


Pampered Chef - Table

As demand for virtual party experiences has drastically increased, so has reliance on third party apps and social media platforms.

The ever-changing social media algorithms were time consuming for consultants, and third-party restrictions posed significant risk to consultants’ businesses. In response, Pampered Chef built and launched Table, a digital platform that enables consultants to hold customized virtual parties that deliver a unique and engaging experience.

This innovative platform reduces the time consultants spend creating virtual parties, allowing them to dedicate time and energy to build customer relationships without the limitations of third-party platforms. Consultants can easily customize party content, or use customizable templates with videos, recipes, an interactive product catalog, and educational games. Table also features a virtual kitchen experience, a highly visual, immersive way for consumers to learn about products and recipes. As a custom-built resource, Pampered Chef® owns the data that will help drive improved personalization and customization.

Within the first four months post-launch in 2021, virtual parties held on the Table platform drove more revenue per party compared to parties held on social media, and 82% of hosts and guests reported a positive party experience.


The AVON Company - Avon Live Shopping

Introducing Avon Live Shopping, a new live digital experience for Avon Representatives and their customers. The new live shopping platform allows customers to tune into Avon’s live shopping events on a specific day and time to purchase the featured products and take advantage of exclusive offers all from the comfort of their home and mobile device.

Each Avon Live Shopping experience offers a specific assortment of Avon products, allowing the host time to explain each one in detail and interacting with attendees via chat. These amazing watch-and-shop events are full of exclusive offers, the newest product innovations from Avon and LG H&H, giveaways and more! Representatives can earn by just sharing their Avon Live link with customers.

They can be confident Avon is supporting them, showcasing products and they get full earnings when their customers shop.

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