As the voice of direct selling in the U.S., the Direct Selling Association (DSA) is proud to represent a vibrant sales channel where more than 20 million Americans benefit from opportunities to supplement their income, balance work with family or purchase products and services at a discount for their personal use.

These direct sellers join and stay in direct selling for a wide variety of reasons. In addition, direct selling has a low cost of entry and has low financial risk, which makes it accessible to many.

Most direct sellers offer protections and guarantees to their customers and salespeople, many of which exceed Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, as well as federal and state law. In addition, our members adhere to rigorous standards as part of our Code of Ethics --including requirements that member companies buy back unused inventory at no less than 90% of the original purchase price.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the direct selling channel. We urge people to take time to learn the facts below.