Submissions are No Longer Being Accepted after the March 28, 2023 Deadline

The time is now to gain the recognition your excellent work deserves by entering projects, programs, and initiatives in DSA Awards 2023.


What You Need to Know:

  • You must be a DSA Direct Selling Member to qualify for an award, with the exception of the Partnership Award.
  • You must be a DSA Supplier Partner to qualify for the Partnership Award.
  • Submitted programs should have been implemented in 2022.

You Will Need the Following Information to Enter:

  • Which category you are entering
  • The name of the program
  • The name, phone number, and email address of the best contact person for this entry
  • A 200-word summary of the program. It should quickly convey the most important points about your program, using the general criteria as a guide.
  • A PDF entry of up to three pages covering the judging criteria for that particular award. See the link below for examples of past submissions - click the items under the Detailed Category Overview & 2022 Winning Submissions header below to make your entry the strongest it can possibly be!

DSA Award Category Overview & 2022 Winning Submissions

  • Technology Innovation

  • Excellence in Business

  • Product Innovation

  • Vision for Tomorrow

  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns

  • Partnership

2023 DSA Awards Category Overview:

  • Excellence in Business - this category will feature 2022 initiatives relying upon a specific program or tool that enhanced the training that allows their salesforce and staff to succeed.
  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns - entries will focus on 2022 initiatives that demonstrated excellence, creativity and innovation in effective outreach to key audiences. 
  • Partnership Award - this honor recognizes Supplier companies that provide a product or service that has had a measurable impact on the growth or development of a direct selling member company or increases the profitability of a member.
  • Product Innovation - entries will showcase a new product or service introduced to the marketplace in 2022 that created a new standard of excellence and innovation.
  • Technology Innovation - this category will spotlight 2022 initiatives that demonstrate excellence in the innovative use of technology.
  • Vision for Tomorrow - successful entries will illustrate how a specific 2022 project or program made an impact beyond the bottom line.