Our Foundation

The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) was founded in 1973 and serves the public as the direct selling industry’s goodwill ambassador. DSEF educates university students across the country about the positive economic and social impact of direct selling. Today, DSEF is uniquely positioned to promote the value and contribution of the direct selling industry, and to overcome common misconceptions by:

  • Partnering with members of the academic community to support research and education programs that expand the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of direct selling
  • Delivering a curriculum to educational institutions and other partner organizations that teaches traditional entrepreneurship skills and business best practices through the lens of direct selling
  • Providing neutral forums to disseminate information regarding direct selling and to foster understanding of direct selling as a business model, micro-entrepreneurial incubator, go-to-market strategy for innovative concepts and supplemental income source for millions of people

As a 501c3, DSEF funds its programs entirely through voluntary contributions from DSA member companies, suppliers and individuals. To learn more about our Foundation, visit dsef.org.