As part of DSA’s mission to promote the highest levels of business ethics among DSA member companies, our self-regulatory processes ensures that DSA member companies and their independent salespeople comply with the Code of Ethics through the Office of the Code Administrator. The Code Administrator is an independent third party with expert knowledge of the Code of Ethics and the direct selling channel and whose Office provides a mechanism for any complaints or inquiries regarding potential violations of the Code’s provisions. The Code Administrator works with DSA member companies to resolve non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and is empowered to investigate concerns, render decisions and enforce remedies.

DSA member companies and applicants are subject to DSA’s Code of Ethics complaint process. View our membership directory to verify that the company you are dealing with is an active member or applicant of DSA. If the company is neither an applicant nor a DSA member company, contact DSA staff for more information. Additionally, if your complaint is originating from outside the United States, it may not be subject to the United States Direct Selling Association. 

If you have question or concern regarding an independent salesperson, you are encouraged to contact them and explain your concerns. If the salesperson does not correct the issue to your satisfaction, please contact the DSA member company. If the company does not resolve your concern you may wish to file a complaint with DSA’s Code of Ethics Administrator. Your information will be sent directly to the DSA's Code Administrator who will investigate the situation and contact you directly.

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