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Mr. Joseph Aquilina
AttorneyEthics and Compliance Counsel

Mr. Brian Bennett
Senior Director of Public Affairs

Ms. Melissa K Brunton
Senior Vice President, Education & Meeting Services

Ms. Nancy M Burke
Vice President, Membership

Ms. Grace Clark
Digital Communications Specialist

Ms. Leonor Clomera
Meetings Registrar

Mr. Joe Cuda
Accounting Assistant

Ms. Marcia L. Davis Rhinehart
Director, Executive Office & Board Activities

Ms. Abbey DeBaugh
International Affairs Specialist

Ms. Jennifer Dunleavey
Controller and VP, Operations

Mr. Adolfo Franco
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Benjamin L. Gamse
Market Research Manager

Mr. Joseph N. Mariano

Ms. Lindsay Marquardt
Education & Meetings Manager

Mr. Tom Nutton
Desk Receptionist

Mr. David Riddy
Director of Communications & Marketing

Mr. Mark Salter

Ms. Hannah Stein
Membership Assistant

Ms. Amanda Dobbins Watson
Supplier and Exhibit Coordinator

Mr. John W Webb
Senior Legal Counsel for Policy, Advocacy and Compliance