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As the Nation Heads Toward Reopening...

The coronavirus pandemic prompted an unprecedented response from the nation’s business community. Now that safe and effective vaccines are available, direct selling joins with others in the public- and private-sectors to rally around a common goal: Vaccinate America.

This Digital Resource Center designed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce includes information, tools, and templates that businesses of all sizes need during this critical phase of the pandemic response.




As Congress develops a response to COVID 19, DSA will offer insights into what these developments mean for companies and your field.

Resources DSA Member Companies Need for Business Continuity and Employment Issues

States Prohibitions on “Non-Essential” Businesses

Governors across the country are issuing orders that all non-essential retail and business is to cease to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Direct selling should be assumed as non-essential retail and we are aware of some states that specifically designate it as such. These orders are only applicable to in-person transactions and do not limit online sales. Although you may not be able to sell your products in person, our businesses can leverage digital tools to enhance productivity and support your customers. The safety of our salesforce and your customers are of the upmost importance to us and we encourage you to abide by these orders.

Download a sample template for communications with your field

Download a chart on state essential businesses designations 

Prohibitions on Non-Essential Business: Impact on Manufacturing and Distribution

Statewide orders could directly impact manufacturing and distribution for many companies. Ensuring that customers can still receive products is a critical elements of your businesses. We suggest companies engage with local and state governments that have issued these orders to have maximum clarity so your facilities can stay open.

Download a sample template for communications with local and state officials


Reference the orders issued by the state where the facility is located. If that is still not clear, you can refer to guidance issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers. If facilities are staying open, DHS will also be constantly updating guidance on best practices for operation to keep workers safe.

Please feel free to contact Brian Bennett, Vice President, Government Affairs & Policy, DSA with questions about this process.