DSA/BBB National Programs, Inc. Launch
Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council

Activation Date: January 2019

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The Direct Selling Association (DSA) and BBB National Programs, Inc., the network hub for BBB’s in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, have created a third party, self-regulatory program for the direct selling industry launched in January 2019. This program monitors the entire direct selling channel—including DSA member companies and non-members.


For more than five decades, the DSA has had a self-regulatory program for its members. This program articulates clear principles, but primarily was initiated and took action based on consumer complaints. The creation of a new, proactive program represents a dramatic step forward to raise the bar for the direct selling industry.


The new, third-party, self-regulatory organization monitors the entire U.S. direct selling industry and will embody the following principles:

  • Clear industry standards on issues such as product and earning representations;
  • Identification of relevant best practices from other self-regulatory models;
  • Creation of a process that both monitors and enforces strict business principles; and
  • Enacts measures to raise the bar of excellence for DSA members and the entire direct selling channel

Program Foundation

Magnifying Glass

Comprehensive active monitoring of the direct selling marketplace, including websites and social media of both companies and the salesforce in the areas of income representations and product claims.

Stack of Papers

Independent investigation and reporting unresolved violations of non-compliant companies to the Federal Trade Commission.

Loud speaker

Rigorous, competitive challenge process, enabling other companies to identify issues for the Direct Selling SRC.

Gavel Hitting a Surface

Increased consumer protection that will compliment law enforcement with the hallmarks of successful self-regulation.

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