Finalists and subcategory winners will be announced in late May, and overall winners announced June 19th at the DSA Annual Meeting Awards Gala.

Interested in becoming a judge? Contact Lindsay Marquardt at lmarquardt@dsa.org

Recognizing Innovation, Vision, Excellence and Partnership 

DSA's renowned industry awards are designed to identify and promote innovations to help companies and their salesforces improve their operations. Whether used to empower independent direct sellers, fuel businesses processes or make our world a better place, the awards have one thing in common: they help promote direct selling as a business channel that helps people create better lives.

DSA’s awards program features seven awards representing eight subcategories. Each subcategory winner is a finalist to receive the overall category award.

Awards Categories & Sample Submissions

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  • Technology Innovation

  • Product Innovation

  • Vision for Tomorrow

  • Excellence in Salesforce Development

  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns

  • Rising Star

  • Partnership

2018 DSA Awards – What You Need to Know:

•The DSA Awards features seven main awards, three of which are divided into eight subcategories. The winner in each subcategory will be considered as a finalist to receive the category award.

•Award entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges, representing a variety of disciplines including direct selling, marketing, training/motivation, R&D, sales and more. Experts from both inside and outside the direct selling community will serve on these judging panels and will bring a keen sense of excellence to their review of the award entries.

•All award finalists and recipients will be featured during DSA's Annual Meeting and beyond, providing winning companies with access to a spotlight that will showcase their successes and set them apart from their peers. From opportunities to describe their success to others in the direct selling community to industry media coverage and more, this recognition is an effective way for award recipients to motivate their salesforce, illustrate their commitment to their success and promote their companies.

•There's no fee to enter and no limit to the number of programs you may enter. Whether you enter just once, or enter a different program in each subcategory, doing so is a complementary benefit of DSA membership and only increases your chances of being recognized for your company's accomplishments.

The DSA Awards are a surefire way to give your opportunity, your products and your brand valuable exposure in the marketplace. In fact, it's one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to help motivate your salesforce and your employees and grow your business.



Questions? Contact Lindsay Marquardt at lmarquardt@dsa.org