Technology Innovation

Damsel in Defense—Protected Pepper with Shield Technology

Damsel in Defense products are designed to give users multiple layers of protection—from pepper sprays and personal alarms that work at a distance, to stun devices and striking tools that multiply our natural defenses up close. We realized that in the moments when individuals might be in the fight of their life, they have no way of calling for backup. So, we fought to create an additional layer of protection by harnessing multiple technologies, allowing us to send alert messages discreetly and instantaneously on behalf of users in the moments when they need us most. This resulted in the advent of Shield Technology, our exclusive safety system that allows users to send immediate alerts to a list of their trusted contacts during an emergency. No matter the data around statistics, our greatest fear is that we would be alone when we need help the most. If our customers should ever be in the fight for their lives, our Shield innovation deploys help to them while they deploy the use of their defense. This is simply the most holistic approach to safety there is.

Excellence in Business

Nu Skin Enterprises—Velocity by Nu Skin Sales Performance Plan

Velocity by Nu Skin is a sales performance program that enables Brand Affiliates to work toward their goals by choosing their own path and pace. Velocity provides the opportunity to earn compensation selling products by offering flexible options to fit different lifestyles, giving fast rewards that keep Brand Affiliates motivated, and empowering them to build a fulfilling future in their own way. Nu Skin’s Velocity team worked in close collaboration with company leaders around the world to develop the plan. There was frequent communication and feedback about different elements of the plan at every stage of development, including implementing the plan into pilot markets that allowed Velocity to evolve into something that was a good fit for Brand Representatives globally.

Product Innovation

USANA Health Sciences—USANA Oral Care

USANA Oral Care is a two-product system, a Whitening Toothpaste Featuring ADP-1 and an Oral Probiotic. USANA Oral Care products are like nothing available on the market today. They provide gentle, effective support for the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums. These products are made to support your long-term oral health. The fluoride-free Whitening Toothpaste and Oral Probiotic combine the power of naturally derived and scientifically advanced ingredients for a clean, fresh mouth and whiter, brighter smile. Adding a toothpaste with a postbiotic, like ADP-1, attracts the impurities in your mouth so they can be brushed away. This postbiotic helps support the cleansing process by targeting and clearing away unwanted compounds that can dull your teeth or cause bad breath. After your evening flossing and brushing, use USANA Oral Probiotic to protect your healthy-looking smile. When the tablet hits your tongue, powerful probiotic strains replenish good bacteria known as microflora.

Marketing & Sales Campaigns 

Scentsy, Inc.—Scentsy Club

In 2015, we launched the Scentsy VIP Program to reward loyal customers with exclusive benefits for placing recurring orders. The program resulted in lackluster adoption, so we set out to develop something better. Scentsy Club makes it easier than ever for Consultants to serve their best customers. Average monthly revenue from 2019 Scentsy Club orders was 1,545 percent higher than Scentsy VIP orders in 2018.

Vision for Tomorrow 

Nu Skin Enterprises—Nu Skin’s Sustainability Commitments

At Nu Skin, we are a force for good through caring for our planet, improving the lives of children, nourishing future generations, and investing in our global community. Sustainability is so much more than just a buzzword to Nu Skin. We are committed to keeping our global communities clean, safe, and protected for the future. It’s a daunting task, but we’re proud to make it our mission to embrace sustainable practices today to enhance a resource-rich tomorrow. Today, we’re taking active, engaged strides to ensure the future is bright for both the planet and for each other. That is why, in 2019, we were proud to announce our global sustainability commitments. Our efforts rest firmly on three critical pillars: PEOPLE, PLANET, and PRODUCT.

CSR Vision for Tomorrow 

Amway—Project Light Speed

From building healthy farms and playgrounds for kids, to community gardens and natural disaster relief to fighting childhood malnutrition, to global sustainability initiatives, Amway is working hard to build a healthier, safer world, one community at a time. So when the COVID-19 global pandemic reached a critical point and a need arose in our hometown of Ada, Michigan, we stepped up. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies healthy hand hygiene as a key strategy for preventing illness and the spread of germs. When soap and water aren’t readily available, hand sanitizer is second best, yet it became increasingly difficult for manufacturers to meet overwhelming health care and consumer demand. Scarcity was imminent. A few weeks into the pandemic, Spectrum Health System reached out to us in need of hand sanitizer. Combining our passion for corporate responsibility and community stewardship with our core competencies in manufacturing naturally safe, high-performing cleaning products at our Amway World Headquarters campus, we were able to help meet their needs. With nearly 40,000 employees across its dozens of hospitals, treatment centers, emergency care facilities, and physician offices, the non-profit health care system is the largest employer in West Michigan and the region’s epicenter for COVID-19 care. As COVID-19 numbers continued to spike in March 2020, so did Spectrum Health System’s need for hand sanitizer to protect the tens of thousands of first responders and health care workers as they served the growing population of affected patients. That’s where Project Light Speed came in.



In 2012, Multibrain Chief Brain and CEO Scott Kramer met a table full of legends in direct selling during a DSA luncheon. From there, the entertainment and media pioneer dedicated his company to building the tools and training needed to take the direct selling channel to the next level in technology; and developed a mission of defining social selling in the digital arena. Over the next six years, the team at Multibrain gave total focus to training, supporting, and providing the tools for direct selling consultants to build their business via social media and establishing their own communities/networks. Multibrain has evolved in step with technology and developed a business focused on four pillars for enterprise corporate success, termed “controlled empowerment,” with an approach of “bottom up,” beginning at the field level. To date, the Multibrain platform has been successfully implemented by a handful of top direct selling companies and more than 180,000 individual consultants who have generated over six million new prospects (connections) in a funnel approach to generating new sales and recruits. Multibrain thrives in its ability to “find new people to talk to” for its users, and a platform that’s as easy to use as a single click.