Technology Innovation

Pampered Chef - Table

As demand for virtual party experiences has drastically increased, so has reliance on third party apps and social media platforms.

The ever-changing social media algorithms were time consuming for consultants, and third-party restrictions posed significant risk to consultants’ businesses. In response, Pampered Chef built and launched Table, a digital platform that enables consultants to hold customized virtual parties that deliver a unique and engaging experience.

This innovative platform reduces the time consultants spend creating virtual parties, allowing them to dedicate time and energy to build customer relationships without the limitations of third-party platforms. Consultants can easily customize party content, or use customizable templates with videos, recipes, an interactive product catalog, and educational games. Table also features a virtual kitchen experience, a highly visual, immersive way for consumers to learn about products and recipes. As a custom-built resource, Pampered Chef® owns the data that will help drive improved personalization and customization.

Within the first four months post-launch in 2021, virtual parties held on the Table platform drove more revenue per party compared to parties held on social media, and 82% of hosts and guests reported a positive party experience.

Excellence in Business

Herbalife Nutrition - HN Grow

Herbalife Nutrition created a custom, mobile-first learning application called HN Grow to help keep independent distributors engaged, boost their confidence and drive their performance.

HN Grow is available in 44 countries, 13 languages and hosts more than 1600 localized learning items, including eLearning modules, training videos, podcasts and presentations.

With gamification in the form of points, badges and certificates to reward the distributor through their learning journey, HN Grow has provided "edutainment" to more than 200,000 independent distributors as of December 2021.

Product Innovation

Scentsy Inc. - Scentsy Air Purifier

Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, where pollutant levels are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. At Scentsy, we have always been committed to designing high-quality, inventive, family-friendly and safe products to “Fill your life with fragrance.”

As an extension of that commitment, we began exploring new ways to approach trending air purifier technology. We were already filling the air in homes around the world with fragrance, but what if we could purify it, too? We knew that blending these two functions would result in an innovative product unlike anything on the market. We introduced the Scentsy Air Purifier on Aug. 1, 2021, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Not only is the Scentsy Air Purifier an innovative way to clean the air — and fill it with beautiful fragrance — it’s also a game-changing opportunity for Scentsy Consultants to grow their businesses. From the initial Air Purifier purchase to ongoing purchases of the consumable products a customer needs to use it effectively, it ensures lasting income and follow-up opportunities.

From August through December 2021, Air Purifier sales brought in $5 million in new global revenue!

Marketing & Sales Campaigns 

Arbonne International - Very Merry Cherry Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks - Tart Cherry and Ginseng

Fizz Sticks are a consistent top seller and income energizer with five permanent flavors and a vegan formula that delivers a clean energy boost without the high sugar with a fun bubbly reaction when added to water.

A highly requested flavor in this bestselling product, Tart Cherry Fizz was a new option introduced to help kick off the holiday season. With an on-trend color and flavor profile, the product was poised for a successful launch campaign that leveraged the excitement of bBack Friday shopping and a limited time release. Creatively, the imagery behind the campaign tied to the rest of our holiday offerings, which were inspired by the vibrancy of nature.

The tagline of “Very. Merry. Cherry.” was used to seamlessly fold in all aspects of the fizz. 

Vision for Tomorrow 

Young Living - Developing Enterprise Program

The Young Living Artesian Program is a partnership with female-led artisan groups across the globe to provide fair wages and opportunities for women to become more financially dependent by selling their handcrafted items though Young Living’s marketplace.

Our program helps female entrepreneurs prosper as part of our holistic vision of creating a rising generation that is free to thrive and create positive change. We know that if we invest in women, we also are strengthening communities and supporting women in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty for their children. Since starting our program in 2020, we have connected with over 15 groups including those who have experienced extreme poverty, disability, displacement, trauma, exploitation, or violence.

These artisanal items are made of ethically and sustainably sourced materials from 11 different countries including India, Ecuador, Uganda, and Nepal. Our commitment to helping these resilient women build strong and sustainable enterprises will lead to more income-generating opportunities and help those rising out of poverty.

With fair and consistent pay, our partner artisans are better able to support the needs of themselves and families, as well as develop new skills, making a life-long impact.



Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) supercharges distributed workforces to perform the right business activities at the right time. PEP is a data-driven technology that makes it fun and rewarding for each individual to continuously take the steps towards success at every stage of building and growing their business. Rallyware has been adopted by dozens of direct selling companies in 57 countries supporting over 20 languages for millions of their distributed workforces.