Congratulations to Our 2024 Part I Winners!

Product Innovation

PermaLinx by jBloom

What is Permanent Jewelry? 

It’s the hottest trend in fashion.  It’s simply continuous chains without a clasp, that are made to be worn all the time.

How could we take advantage of this viral Tic Tok trend that took the fashion and jewelry world by storm during Covid?

We created a simple, secure, on-trend and portable system, with affordable pricing, to reach the masses.

In January of 2023 PermaLinx by jBloom was launched. High end jewelry stores were selling real 18kt gold permanent bracelets for $100-$300 each. It also requires an investment of a $3,000 welding machine connected to a gas tank to solder them on a customer.

For years, we have specialized in Stainless Steel jewelry that will stand up to all of that and even more. PermaLinx bracelets, anklets and necklaces are made with Delicate Stainless-Steel chain which doesn’t tarnish and won’t fade or lose its color over time! The items are secured with 3 hand tools and a ring that does NOT require a welding machine, therefore making it portable to be taken anywhere!

This resulted in over $5mil in sales and record recruiting growth with a limited # of sellers.

Nu Skin RenuSpa iO

The world’s best-selling brand for beauty device systems has upped the ante with a wellness device that delivers both wellness and beauty benefits.

Nu Skin RenuSpa iO is a self-care system providing both beauty and wellness benefits. The one-of-a-kind device helps your body restore, revitalize and refresh with unique adaptive microcurrent technology and a connected experience.

Vision for Tomorrow

Nourish One Initiative

Plexus Worldwide’s mission is to support people on their wellness journeys and give them the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, filled with hope and happiness. Nourish One is a natural extension of the company’s ethos, with the program focused on bringing meals and hope for people experiencing food insecurity and hunger.

Plexus® began its Nourish One initiative in 2018 with a commitment to end food insecurity through a strategic partnership with Feeding America. Programs like Nourish One are critical in helping provide food banks and community programs with the resources needed to support families and individuals.

Beyond monetary, in-kind and volunteer giving, Plexus ensured a sustainable campaign by making a monetary donation equivalent to 10 meals for every purchase of Plexus Lean and 3 meals for every purchase of Reset.

In 2023, momentous results and a real difference. More than 5 million meals reached those in need, 2000 hours volunteered at partner organizations; During Hunger Action month Employees packed 14,000 emergency and senior food boxes; Brand Ambassador events packed more than 90,000 meals at food banks; Members of the Plexus C Suite volunteered at all events.

Share the Comfort

Beyond Bedding - Building Hope and Dignity in Safe Havens with Somnvie

Domestic violence safe houses, hospices, and homeless shelters offer refuge, but quality bedding often eludes them. This lack of comfort compounds the emotional and physical burdens residents face.

Somnvie's Share the Comfort pillow program provides vulnerable residents with comfort they need. For every purchase at a local Somnvie event, a Somnvie pillow is donated to a chosen non-profit. Brand Associates select the shelters they want to impact.

Share the Comfort isn't just a community support program; it's a catalyst for growth. Since its 2020 launch, our Brand Associate team has expanded by 430%, fueled in part by their dedication to this meaningful program. This passion translates to over 416% growth in gross revenue, demonstrating the program's positive impact on both community and business. The numbers, however, only tell part of the story. Over 50 facilities have received more than 2,000 pillows and bedding products. These donated Somnvie products offer a sense of dignity, a touch of normalcy, during stressful and chaotic times.

This program is not just about donating luxury bedding; it's about fostering hope, rebuilding lives, and weaving a network of care where comfort takes center stage.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns


In July 2023, Herbalife proudly introduced HERBALIFE V, a certified Organic, non-GMO-verified, Kosher, Plant-based, and Vegan line. This launch exemplified our commitment to providing top-tier plant-based products, to attract new consumers.

Our innovative campaign unfolded in three phases. The pre-launch commenced with a compelling tease campaign initiated in January 2023, that included social teasers and extensive training on vegan and plant-based lifestyles. The Launch event featured a dynamic stage moment, live training, interactive quizzes, elevated sampling experiences, brand activations, new apparel, social media contests, a press release, and more!

Post-launch, our captivating plant-based narrative continued through testimonial videos and comprehensive digital efforts, resulting in effectively reaching our goals through rapid sellout of most products. The campaign's impact was extraordinary, involving over 100,000 Distributors and garnering over 3.3 million impressions on our social channels. Tailored to millennials and gen-z audiences seeking certified organic, vegan options, the campaign showcased authenticity by incorporating models living a plant-based lifestyle. Notably, this marked the fastest speed-to-market campaign execution in Herbalife's history, engaging hundreds of internal employees in a comprehensive 360 campaign. Our HERBALFIE V launch stands as a testament to Herbalife's commitment to innovation, authenticity, and meeting the evolving preferences of our diverse consumer base.

Make a Shift

Young Living Essential Oils' Make a Shift campaign is a wellness initiative aimed at inspiring individuals to take charge of their health and well-being through simple yet life-changing solutions. The campaign emphasizes the transformative power of making small shifts in daily routines to achieve a more balanced and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Make a Shift is not just a campaign but a promise to our community that we will support your shift away from harmful chemicals in your cleaning, home fragrance, whole-body health and wellness. Created with care under our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, each Make a Shift kit highlights the natural and sustainable aspects of Young Living's products, promoting a harmonious relationship between personal health and the environment.

We believe in a world without compromise and Make a Shift is the key to unlocking a happier, healthier every day. We are guided by nature's journey in our mission to empower wellness, purpose, and abundance for communities around the world —one shift at a time.