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Room Block Poaching; “Suitcasing”; Guns in Meetings- Just some of the latest challenges facing the meetings industry. With hotel occupancy up and demand for quality meeting facilities at a premium, market forces now favor hotels and other suppliers — a dramatic change from just a few years ago. Yet meeting planners face the same cost sensitivity and accountability demands that became primary considerations in recent years. Join hospitality attorney Josh Grimes in an interactive and thought-provoking review of the year’s hottest issues. Learn how to address these issues and more:

-“Room poaching” — unauthorized housing agencies contacting your guests;

-Re-evaluating room blocks given alternative booking

-New guns laws allowing open-carry and concealed weapons in your meetings;

-Planning for new governmental laws and policies that raise boycott concerns from your attendees;

-Unauthorized suppliers “Suitcasing” an event, undercutting exhibitors and sponsorships;

-Zika, Ebola, terrorism, and other threats that may keep attendees away from your meeting;

-Protecting guests’ personal information on computer networks and in cyberspace; RFID technology pro’s and con’s;

-Controlling social media comments on your event (Joshua Grimes, Esq., Grimes Law Offices, LLC)

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Publication Year: 2016