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This comprehensive study among independent sales representatives of DSA member companies addresses the following: -Who are the U.S. independent representatives? What are their attitudes and opinions toward direct selling? -Segments the population of independent representatives in terms of time devoted to direct selling activities, their motivations for joining/staying/leaving -Explores independent representative expectations, experiences and aspirations relative to direct selling, their companies and uplines -Examines effective selling & sponsoring practices, including the use of social media -Adds to database on technology (social media, ecommerce, mobile commerce)

Suppliers - $650.00
Members, Pendings, & Subscribers - $400.00
Non-members - $1,500.00
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This study, developed in partnership with leading global research company GfK, presents the following key consumer trends and their implications for the direct selling industry: current and future shopping experience, workforce trends & earning opportunities, demographic and economic landscape shifts, innovation & consumer lifestyle needs, and communications, interactivity and education

DSA Members & Pendings - $0.00
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1 - 2 of 2 results