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This comprehensive Technology Report provides best practices and benchmarking information on the following topics relevant to direct selling: • Investment in IT • Your Company’s Corporate Website • Online Sales • Direct Seller/Distributor Referrals • Direct Seller/Distributor Websites • Internet Marketing/Social Media • Direct Seller/Distributor Email/E-Marketing • Customer Relationship Management & Business Intelligence • Technology Feedback • Corporate Technology Genealogy/Commission Systems

Suppliers - $600.00
Members, Pendings, and Subscribers - $400.00
Non-members - $1,500.00
Product #WP16

DSA's Growth & Outlook Survey measures the growth and vitality of the direct selling industry in the US. The information presented is based upon survey responses from DSA members and non-members and secondary research, and includes industry-wide projections. This detailed survey presents such key information as: U.S. sales volume and growth; sales by sales strategy; location of sales; sales by product line; salesforce size and growth; salesforce recruitment, attrition, activity, and demographics; and compensation structure.

Suppliers - $650.00
Members, pendings, and subscribers - $400.00
Non-members - $1,500.00
Product #GO17

This study, developed in partnership with leading global research company GfK, presents the following key consumer trends and their implications for the direct selling industry: current and future shopping experience, workforce trends & earning opportunities, demographic and economic landscape shifts, innovation & consumer lifestyle needs, and communications, interactivity and education

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Product #Trends16

This DSA Buyback QuickPoll was conducted to discover benchmarking data and insights on one of the most important salesforce protections: the inventory buyback. The results allow you to compare your buyback policies and utilization rates against industry averages. The findings will also help DSA staff better understand and communicate to regulators and legislators the effectiveness of DSA Code of Ethics buyback policies toward providing consumer protections in the marketplace.

Product #QP156

1 - 4 of 4 results