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Direct Selling Association

Print/Tangible (requires shipping)

Affinity Partner, Direct Selling Member, Global Member, Pending Direct Selling Member, Subscriber, Supplier, Supplier Exhibitor, WFDSA Member - $599.00
Guest, NonMember - $1,100.00


Interested in starting your own direct selling organization? Not able to wait until the next time DSA hosts its Direct Selling 101 Seminar? Purchase our Direct Selling 101 DC, and bring the 2009 seminar to your office (please note this product is meant for computer use only)! Session topics include Finding the Right Marketing Plan, Compensation Plan Design Essentials, Promotions that Drive Your Business, Five Keys to a Fast Start, Legal Issues, Business Plans & Budgets, Salesforce Development and many more! (Non-members may purchase this product on a case-by-case basis. Please contact DSA at for more details.)

Product Details:

Product ID: 101CD2009
Publication Year: 2009