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Feeling the burn of distributor churn? What if you had a crystal ball that could tell you who is in danger of quitting, why, and have a measurable action plan to recover them? Since many companies can have anywhere between 50-80% churn per year, losing all of these reps costs us BILLIONS! It is estimated that for each 1% increase in retention can yield a 3-7% increase in sales. Come to this workshop to learn the secrets that other industries have used to increase their revenues by using bleeding edge technology to accurately predict future outcomes. We will be discussing how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics can be leveraged to solve one of the most illusive and expensive problems direct selling faces. These new technologies can end churn as we know it and every department from sales to marketing, finance to call center, and of course, technology has a vital role to play. In addition, we will discuss a real-world example from a former Fortune 200 executive who invested in a crystal ball that made his company hundreds of millions in revenues. (Michael Bayan, DirecTech Labs; Jordan Zommick, DirecTech Labs)

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