Direct Selling Association Launches Webpage on Internal Consumption

May 16, 2012


WASHINGTON May 16, 2012 – The Direct Selling Association (DSA) today launched a webpage that provides information on the purchase and use of direct selling products by salespeople, also referred to as “internal consumption.”

The web page,, offers answers to commonly asked questions about internal consumption, DSA’s May 9 statement in response to questions raised about the direct selling business, and fact sheets on the following topics:

“We’ve seen a lot of media coverage lately on the issue of internal consumption, which is often misunderstood and mischaracterized when in fact it is a perfectly legitimate part of direct selling,” said Joe Mariano, DSA’s President. “We encourage people to visit to learn more about this issue as well as the differences between legitimate direct selling companies and illegal pyramid schemes.”
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    I have additional questions, who can I contact?

    You may contact Adolfo Franco, Executive Vice President.