DSA has the great privilege of representing direct sellers in Washington DC. While we take pride in making sure that lawmakers hear your voices day in and day out, it is clear that the success of DSA’s advocacy on behalf of direct sellers ultimately depends on you. Making your voice heard on Election Day is the best way to register your opinion about who should lead our communities and nation, and what these leaders decide  about laws affecting direct selling.  

Despite the challenges facing our country and communities, I have great faith in the democratic process, and that faith is affirmed every day as I witness policy makers listen to and respond to the needs of direct sellers on issues ranging from taxation, entrepreneurship, consumer protection,  and vital business matters. While you will undoubtedly weigh many factors before casting your ballot, we believe it is important for direct sellers to know which candidates for federal office have stood up for our community on these issues, and so I am pleased to present you and members of the direct selling community across the country with our Direct Selling Association 2022 Voters’ Guide. 

Joseph N. Mariano
President, Direct Selling Association

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