Technology Innovation

Amway - Product Registration

In 2017, Amway introduced an improved Product Registration experience to support the premium, high performance Water Treatment and Air Treatment products that we have been selling for over 30 years. This new experience was designed to engage customers, begin a relationship with them at the point of sale, and enable new business support tools for our Amway Business Owners (ABOs). Amway’s new Product Registration experience is digitally focused, easily accessible, experiential, and available to end users through multiple channels. The first iteration released to market includes a unique photo registration process, allowing users to simply open the product, snap a photo of the registration label, and send it to Amway via SMS or select social channels. One touch registration will soon be available within connected product applications. 1 Initial response to this new effort has been very positive, with a significant increase in Product Registration take rates – from 3% to approximately 30%. We can now more effectively manage an improved After Sales Service experience over the course of the Product’s life. This includes a focus on ongoing filter and cartridge sales, new marketing campaigns for ABOs and end users, warranty management, and better financial accountability across our Durables Business.

Product Innovation

May Kay Inc. – TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares

Mary Kay Inc. – A Beauty-Industry First With the launch of TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™, Mary Kay introduced a beauty-industry first that revolutionized the way pure vitamin C is delivered to skin. Pure C can degrade and lose its power over time when exposed to light, air or water. This breakthrough in technology solved that problem by keeping the potency of pure C protected until you unlock its power with every use. As the square dissolves in the palm of your hand, it’s transformed into a fresh, potent, pure vitamin C elixir that can supercharge any Mary Kay® serum. However, it’s not only how the squares work that’s impressive, it’s the results! During a clinical study, visible benefits were seen after using this product just three times a week for two weeks – skin looked more even-toned and more radiant, and fine lines and wrinkles looked improved. And the benefits got even better with continued use. Leading industry publications have featured articles highlighting the innovative technology, and consumers are giving the product rave reviews online.

Excellence in Salesforce Development 

Damsel in Defense - Journey To Protégé

Damsel data shows that only 20% of new partners that join but never promote remain active, while an incredible 94% of new partners that join and promote to Protégé or above stay active long term. We recognized a retention problem – we were losing 80% of new Recruits, and we did not have a plan to fix the revolving “Damsel door”. We identified that our core rank started with Protégé, and the faster new partners achieved this rank, the more likely they were to stay. Through this discovery, we recognized that we needed a duplicatable system – a process – to glue our key programs together and to create a cohesive journey for new partners to achieve Protégé. The concept of “immersion = retention” brought to life the Journey to Protégé program to help develop our salesforce. The success and adoption of this program among our field along with how warmly our touch points were received at both the DSA Executive Women's Retreat as well as the Fall Conference prompted us to want to submit the development and the results of this program to the DSA to be considered for and Ethos Award in the category of Excellence in Salesforce Development.

Marketing & Sales Campaigns 

Scentsy, Inc. - ¡La Habana!

We curated ¡La Habana!, a limited-edition fragrance collection, to delight and engage Scentsy Consultants, customers and fans. We wanted to give Consultants something new and exciting to share with customers and increase sales during traditionally slower months. We also set out to engage an entirely new Scentsy customer with a sensory exploration of a fascinating locale — an exotic escape from life’s daily routine. We developed a holistic social media campaign to position Scentsy as an industry leader in home fragrance with a unique, trendsetting collection, and to provide Consultants with compelling new products paired with top-notch marketing efforts and training to increase their sales in May and June. We knew Consultants and their customers would be enchanted by ¡La Habana!, but we were blown away by the excitement and adoration surrounding the collection throughout the campaign. Our results far exceeded our goals, with more than 3 million reached and over 150,000 engagements, with 7,000 new Facebook followers generated.

Vision for Tomorrow 

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. - True Health Foundation

In March 2012, USANA Health Sciences launched the USANA True Health Foundation (THF), a non-profit organization that provides the most critical human necessities—nutrition, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, and health education—to those who are suffering or in need, around the globe. During its first year the foundation raised more than $5 million in monetary and Usanimals™ children's supplement donations, with $1.9 million in monies and vitamins donated to those in need throughout the year. USANA believes in loving life and living it and that being part of a healthy family is essential. Connecting our worldwide family of Associates and customers to worthwhile projects focused on nutrition, disease prevention, and better health is at the core of our global activities. The mission of the True Health Foundation is to provide food and nutrition to impoverished children and families, ensuring they can reach their fullest potential.

Rising Star


pawTree's Revolutionary Approach to Pet Health Our concept? A company that helps to educate and empower pet parents to make informed decisions about their pet's health with confidence. A pawTree business is the opportunity that changes everything for our petPros! It opens up the pawsibilities to do more, see more, accomplish more and…DREAM MORE! Our greatest desire is that pawTree helps our petPros discover life changing love and happiness in their own lives, and help others do the same.


ByDesign Technologies

Since its founding in 2000, ByDesign Technologies has been recognized as an industry thought-leader pushing direct selling technology forward with first-to-market solutions that simplify the many complexities behind direct sales, party plan and MLM business models. The Freedom Platform is a turnkey solution that allows flexible configuration and includes open API's proven to meet the needs of any sized client. Their services include commissions and genealogy, replicating websites, e-commerce shopping, client branded mobile app and a suite of tools for representatives. Freedom is the highest rated and reviewed direct selling, party plan and MLM Software by Gartner. Their service is about more than making user interfaces intuitive and easy to use; it’s also about, providing the tools that direct selling companies need to expedite wise decisions. With more than $6 Billion in orders processed and over $2 Billion in commissions paid, ByDesign delivers proven results globally.