Technology Innovation

Isagenix International - IsaLife Mobile App

The IsaLife mobile app helps our Isagenix customers stay on track with their nutritional and wellness goals. With the convenient nutrition and fitness tracker, personal coach, and product-ordering platform in one easy-to-navigate app it allows our customers to take their IsaLife on the go with their mobile device. Our customers can set goals and track ongoing success one meal, shake, and workout at a time with the full Isagenix product catalog, searchable food items, and integration with all fitness tracking devices! They will stay motivated and engaged with the help of their personal Isagenix coach. Our business builders can use the app to signup new customers and connect with them by sharing tips, support, recipes, and more. As an Isagenix Associate, our members can share Isagenix with potential customers inside the IsaLife app! In less than two minutes, potential customers can create their Isagenix account and both their initial order and recurring orders based on recommendations from their health coach. The IsaLife app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play store.

Product Innovation

May Kay Inc. – TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

The natural aging process accounts for just 20% of visible skin aging. The rest comes from external influences, which includes UV rays, pollution, blue light and lifestyle. After years of research, Mary Kay has introduced TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D, a new skin care line featuring our patent-pending Age Minimize 3D Complex to help protect against age-accelerating free radicals caused by environmental factors. The Skin Research and Technology team at Mary Kay R&D showed that our Age Minimize 3D Complex helps prevent the creation of pollution-induced free radicals and reduces the damaging effects of blue light. In addition, Dr. Liang Liu from Columbia University (New York) in collaboration with Mary Kay determined our exclusive complex reduces the impact pollution has on triggering enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown. The worldwide award-winning TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D is also clinically shown to help skin look younger in 4 weeks by improving multiple signs of visible skin aging.
It’s a 3-dimensional approach to defend, delay and deliver younger-looking skin.
 Results based on a 12-week independent clinical study in which 62 women used the set twice a day.

Excellence in Salesforce Development 

Scentsy, Inc. - Self-Serve Reinstatement

When a Consultant leaves Scentsy, whether by choice or circumstance, we’re always sorry to see them go. But life happens! That’s why we happily welcome former Consultants back into the fold when they’re ready to try again. Despite our desire to bring back as many Consultants as possible, our reinstatement process was a bit clunky. It required former Consultants to speak with a member of our support team, then wait—sometimes for several days—for their account to be reviewed. We knew we needed to improve the entire process, so in June 2018, we launched Self-Serve Reinstatement. Now, former Consultants can log in to Workstation Lite and find all the information they need to rejoin Scentsy with one simple click of a button. We have decreased the amount of time needed to reinstate from multiple days to less than 10 minutes and almost 90 percent of all reinstatements are accomplished online without assistance from our support team! Consultants love the ability to reinstate at their convenience. And we are delighted to see a marked increase in the total number of reinstatements. From June to December 2018, reinstatements were up 53 percent over the same months in 2017. 

Marketing & Sales Campaigns 

Noonday Collection - Imperfect Courage Book Campaign

In August 2018, Noonday Collection launched the first book written by Founder Jessica Honegger, entitled Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared. Part memoir, part call-to-action, the book shares the lessons Honegger has learned on her journey of growing Noonday Collection into the world’s largest fair trade accessories brand and inspires the reader to find her own imperfect courage and live a meaningful life.

The goals of the book campaign were to enable Noonday Collection brand to reach new audiences; increase brand engagement across multiple channels; increase the number of new Ambassadors joining the Noonday Collection salesforce; and provide the salesforce with new booking, recruiting, and selling opportunities. Through the development of a new Jessica Honegger brand, influencer and PR strategy, and equipping our Ambassador salesforce to promote, we were successful in meeting these goals.

Imperfect Courage
reached the top 50 books on Amazon, including #1 in the Women in Business category. It sold over 30,000 copies and garnered over one billion media impressions for Noonday Collection. Today, the book continues to serve as an inspiring tool for Noonday Ambassadors to leverage in recruiting Trunk Show Hostesses and team members, and earning shopper loyalty.

Vision for Tomorrow 

Damsel in Defense - The Damsel House Project

The Damsel House project is a long term initiative to fund worldwide homes that are successfully rescuing children out of sex trafficking and giving them hope and a future. The Damsel Houses serve to aide in the healing from the violent sexual traumas these children have endured, teach them a skill and a sustainable trade and release them back to healthy environments where they can succeed without being re-victimized by traffickers or their own families.

After traveling overseas in 2013, our Founder and CEO felt drawn to use the platform of Damsel in Defense to do good in the world around this area that she is very passionate about. When you look into the eyes of a small child who reminds you of your own and then watch her parents sell her to another man on the side of the road, you never forgot that, ever. If her own parents won’t fight for her then who will? We will, these children have to be rescued, empowered and loved.  

Damsel in Defense is fulfilling a vision for tomorrow through the over $300,000 that has been given to these two homes and the rescues of children in their countries.  


Buy The Sea

With over 16 years of solid partnerships with direct selling firms, Buy the Sea has sourced, contracted and operated international programs for up to 6,000 passengers. The keys to our success are communication, trust and long-standing relationships—both with our clients and our cruise, hotel and destination suppliers. Our value proposition lies in our ability to create a unique experience for each client—independent of size and budget. We ensure memorable events—fostering corporate loyalty and profitability. Since 2008, we have acted as the cruise broker for Amway Global. We started with Europe and now work with 12 regions worldwide. In October 2018, Amway completed a full charter of the RCCL Symphony of the Seas. They purchased the product sight unseen based upon relationship and trust. Oriflame Sweden sailed a tandem (two ships at the same time) charter for their 50th anniversary—which won them a BEA World prize for the BEST Global Incentive Travel program. Avon, Monat, Optavia and Plexus entrusted us with their first ever incentives at sea. Each are considering cruises for upcoming events. We encourage clients to look beyond the shoreline and take their programs out to sea where remarkable results are achieved.