Excellence in Business

Pampered Chef - Consultant Business Dashboard

As part of a strategic focus on improving the consultant experience and helping them reach their business goals, Pampered Chef® conducted independent research of its consultants to understand challenges unique to new consultants and their leaders. An assessment of business tracking tools identified several key challenges: consultant data was in multiple locations, low visibility to current promotions, and tracking progress against consultant goals and promotions needed to be calculated manually in some cases. These factors contributed to a low engagement rate with consultant business tracking tools. Based on research findings and the assessment of its business tracking tools, Pampered Chef® identified a need to create a central dashboard that would enable consultants to more effectively track performance, understand current promotional offers and how they were tracking against the target, and access training to help reach individual booking, selling, and team building goals. Based on successful pilot results, the Consultant Business Dashboard launched in July 2022 with immediate results. There was an instant spike in consultant engagement, and by the end of the year there was a 10:1 ratio of engagement to productivity improvement. Consultant engagement with their business tracking tools increased 49%, and consultant productivity increased 5% (vs. trend).

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Marketing and Sales Campaigns

Plexus - Plexus Reset

Plexus Reset is a 3-day supported fast designed to revitalize your system with a metabolic reset while providing optimal nutrition, so you can advance your wellness goals and set the stage for maximum results. Whether you have set out to achieve healthy weight management, nurture a healthy gut microbiome, or reestablish healthy eating habits, it can be difficult to reach your goals when your system is out of balance. Plexus Reset is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, effective plan that helps reset their system to kickstart their wellness routine and prime their body for rapid results.

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Partnership Award

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP and BakerHostetler

The law firms of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP and BakerHostetler jointly submit this application for the Direct Selling Association’s Partnership Award. Both Firms have long served as trusted advisors to the DSA and many DSA member companies—providing day-to-day advice, supporting and advancing regulatory and policy initiatives on the federal and state level, and regularly authoring articles and speaking on notable legal developments. This submission focuses on the Firms’ contribution as industry partners in developing and administering the Direct Selling Compliance Professional Certification Program (DSCP-CP) in conjunction with DSA. As longtime advocates for the industry, we recognize the threats posed by detractors of direct selling that seek to diminish the reputation and standing of the industry. Detractors commonly focus on outlier, one-off examples to cast a negative image of the broader industry that neglects to acknowledge that most direct selling companies dedicate extensive resources to legal and compliance functions and are committed to promoting compliant practices. We believe that bolstering the reputation of the industry as a whole relative to legal and compliance has positive effects on the industry, individual companies, and business.

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Product Innovation

Tastefully Simple - 12 Days of Dips to Dinner

12 Days of Dips to DinnerTM is a new product concept created by Tastefully Simple® to increase gift sales through an interactive experience packaging single-use products, delicious recipes, and the idea of product versatility. Every 12 Days of Dips to DinnerTM gift box includes 12 folded recipe cards each creatively featuring one single-use product and two simple recipes—a dip and a dinner—giving the user the choice on how to experience that product. 

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Technology Innovation 

Nu Skin - Vera App

With the Nu Skin Vera® app, you don’t have to be a beauty expert to get the most out of Nu Skin’s skincare portfolio! Vera eliminates the guesswork and helps you find the right products for your personalized skincare journey, coaches you on proper use of the products, and makes it easy to see results and track your progress. Packed with the best of technology and personalization, it’s a brand-new, unique way to engage with customers. Vera combines three key features to help match you with your ideal Nu Skin face care products for your best skin using an intuitive digital questionnaire, a best-in-class face-scanning technology, and an intelligent recommendation algorithm.

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Vision for Tomorrow

Hy Cite - Hy Cite Gives Back

Since 2018, Hy Cite has been committed to contributing to communities in which Independent Distributors represent the Royal Prestige brand. The company has donated over $2.5 million to various causes. We have a long-standing commitment to contributing to the communities we operate in and partnering with organizations that match our company’s values. These organizations are what make communities across our globe such productive places to live, work, and raise families. Since 2018, Hy Cite has donated over $2.5 million to various causes in the United States alone. To continue the company’s efforts to support the communities in which we operate, the Hy Cite Gives Back Program was started formally in 2022. This targeted community investment program offers grant funding to a wide range of national and local non-profit organizations that must undergo review by the cross-functional Hy Cite Gives Back Advisory Committee. Grant applications are evaluated primarily based on their alignment with the program’s strategic funding priorities: nutrition, community engagement, and Hispanic empowerment. In 2022, Hy Cite awarded nearly $650,000 to over 30 U.S.-based organizations, with the intent to reach more organizations regionally and globally in 2023.

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