Product Innovation

Power Blender product family

When creating our new Power Blender line, our top priority was to fulfill the brand’s promise: Royal Prestige® enables you to maximize your capacity to nurture your family and yourself. To achieve this, we developed four innovative products of the highest quality, that exceeds customer expectations: Royal Prestige® Power Blender Max, Royal Prestige® Max Cup, Royal Prestige® Fresh Max and Royal Prestige® Power Blender Go. 

With the Power Blender family, we aimed to create more than just a blender. Each product is designed to fulfill real customer needs and they notice! In 2023, the Power Blender family generated $22.5 million in sales and Power Blender Max became our top seller worldwide.

PermaLinx by jBloom

What is Permanent Jewelry? 

It’s the hottest trend in fashion.  It’s simply continuous chains without a clasp, that are made to be worn all the time.

How could we take advantage of this viral Tic Tok trend that took the fashion and jewelry world by storm during Covid?

We created a simple, secure, on-trend and portable system, with affordable pricing, to reach the masses.

In January of 2023 PermaLinx by jBloom was launched. High end jewelry stores were selling real 18kt gold permanent bracelets for $100-$300 each. It also requires an investment of a $3,000 welding machine connected to a gas tank to solder them on a customer.

For years, we have specialized in Stainless Steel jewelry that will stand up to all of that and even more. PermaLinx bracelets, anklets and necklaces are made with Delicate Stainless-Steel chain which doesn’t tarnish and won’t fade or lose its color over time! The items are secured with 3 hand tools and a ring that does NOT require a welding machine, therefore making it portable to be taken anywhere!

This resulted in over $5mil in sales and record recruiting growth with a limited # of sellers.

TrueScience® TrueRenew Daily Firming Complex

In 2023 LifeVantage created TrueRenew, the newest retinol-alternative scientifically-proven to tackle 11 visible signs of aging in as little as three weeks. Addressing the root of aging at the cellular level, TrueRenew stands out with its unique blend of ingredients, prominently featuring Cranberry Biopeptides that deliver visible firming and smoothing effects without the harsh side effects of typical cosmetic retinols.

Designed for even the most sensitive skin, TrueRenew boasts a scientifically-proven formula, leveraging upcycled cranberry biopeptides, shrubby everlasting, wild pansy, and a proprietary Nrf2 antioxidant blend. Clinical tests confirm its efficacy, demonstrating improvements in firmness, plumpness, hydration, smoothness, radiance, fine lines, and wrinkles within six weeks.

LifeVantage strategically launched TrueRenew alongside the Healthy Glow Essentials Stack, creating a symbiotic relationship between their products. Consultants and customers experienced remarkable synergies, prompting an unconventional giveaway and discount strategy. The promotion's success was evident in increased revenue, Consultant enrollment, and product penetration. TrueRenew represents a paradigm shift in anti-aging, setting a new standard for skincare innovation.

Tower Pure Whey Protein Isolate + Creatine

Introducing Tower Pure Whey Protein Isolate + Creatine, a groundbreaking addition to the Health and Nutrition market in 2023. This product revolutionizes the protein industry by combining the purest grass-fed whey isolate with high BCAAs and creatine, setting new standards of excellence and innovation.

Unlike any other product in our extensive catalog, Tower Pure Whey Protein Isolate + Creatine not only enhances our existing product mix but establishes a new category catering to dedicated, health-conscious, gain-oriented individuals. It meets the demands of fitness enthusiasts who prioritize science-backed, high-quality protein in their regimen.

Leveraging leading-edge technologies, this product is designed not only to perform exceptionally but also to appeal to the social media-savvy gym enthusiast influencers. Since its launch, social media engagement has soared, marking its success in capturing the attention of this influential demographic.

With a plethora of value-added features and benefits, including maintaining lean muscle mass, supporting overall sports performance, and aiding in muscle recovery, Tower Pure Whey Protein Isolate + Creatine is poised to make a significant impact on customer acquisition and market penetration, particularly among gym influencers who recognize and appreciate the importance of top-tier protein supplementation.

Nu Skin RenuSpa iO

The world’s best-selling brand for beauty device systems has upped the ante with a wellness device that delivers both wellness and beauty benefits.

Nu Skin RenuSpa iO is a self-care system providing both beauty and wellness benefits. The one-of-a-kind device helps your body restore, revitalize and refresh with unique adaptive microcurrent technology and a connected experience.


Zurge™, the latest addition to  our line of natural and clean products, is an innovative brain-boosting brew designed for cognitive enhancement, memory, sharpness, acuity, focus, and neuro regeneration. It features the proprietary Brain Boosting blend with CognatiQ®, clinically proven to elevate Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), crucial for learning and higher thinking. Lion’s Mane Mushroom supports nerve function through Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), while Stabilized Rice Bran provides over 100 nutrients in one serving. Coffeeberry® cascara, rich in antioxidants, imparts a delightful hint of caramel sweetness to this 100% Colombian coffee espresso blend.

Zurge™ by Zurvita delivers a transformative morning coffee experience with its groundbreaking blend. Zurge™ reflects Zurvita's commitment to innovation and holistic well-being, revolutionizing the traditional cup of coffee into a powerful brain-boosting experience.

 In December 2023, merely within its first 5 months on the market, Zurge was named Product of the Year by Food and Beverage Magazine.  Every time Zurge is sold a meal is donated to our Zeal for Meals program that is feeding the hungry and changing the lives of thousands of people globally and nationally in partnership with Serv International.

Vision for Tomorrow

Hy Cite Gives Back

Hy Cite's HCGB program exemplifies its global commitment to community impact, donating over $3 million since 2018, including a notable $1.1 million in 2023 to 40 organizations. The HCGB Advisory Committee, comprising diverse employees globally, ensures a comprehensive grant review process, embracing various perspectives.

In 2023, Hy Cite conducted meticulous research, shaping its 2024 international grant distribution strategy and establishing a significant partnership with Banco de Alimentos de Guadalajara. This collaboration targets food insecurity through surplus food collection and distribution.

The program's impact spans diverse causes, supporting education, sports, nutrition, and community engagement. Notable contributions include aiding Rooted's Gardens Network in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Madison Area Community Land Trust's affordable homeownership initiatives. Partnerships with Banco de Alimentos in Guadalajara and Sao Paulo address food access challenges for numerous families.

Collaborations with Second Harvest Foodbank and the Dane County Boys & Girls Club highlight Hy Cite's commitment to ending hunger and supporting education. Global outreach extends to Brazil, where Hy Cite employees actively participate in Banco de Alimentos's Urban Harvest program, benefitting various organizations. Overall, Hy Cite's HCGB Program stands as a comprehensive and impactful philanthropic endeavor, positively influencing diverse communities and causes.

Nourish One Initiative

Plexus Worldwide’s mission is to support people on their wellness journeys and give them the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, filled with hope and happiness. Nourish One is a natural extension of the company’s ethos, with the program focused on bringing meals and hope for people experiencing food insecurity and hunger.

Plexus® began its Nourish One initiative in 2018 with a commitment to end food insecurity through a strategic partnership with Feeding America. Programs like Nourish One are critical in helping provide food banks and community programs with the resources needed to support families and individuals.

Beyond monetary, in-kind and volunteer giving, Plexus ensured a sustainable campaign by making a monetary donation equivalent to 10 meals for every purchase of Plexus Lean and 3 meals for every purchase of Reset.

In 2023, momentous results and a real difference. More than 5 million meals reached those in need, 2000 hours volunteered at partner organizations; During Hunger Action month Employees packed 14,000 emergency and senior food boxes; Brand Ambassador events packed more than 90,000 meals at food banks; Members of the Plexus C Suite volunteered at all events.

10 Years of Scentsy Rock-a-Thon 

Since 2014, we’ve celebrated Scentsy’s birthday each year by hosting a giving event to support charitable organizations that strengthen children, families and communities in Idaho’s Treasure Valley — and to give our employees, Consultants and neighbors a cause to rally behind. The Scentsy Rock-a-Thon is an annual tradition — now 10 years strong! — attended by thousands of people who want to contribute to the community we love. Every year, about 1,300 people join the cause, each taking their turn in a rocking chair for at least 30 minutes. For every hour a chair stays in motion during the 12-hour event, Scentsy donates $250 per chair. As long as the chairs keep rocking, a minimum donation of $210,000 is guaranteed — and we’ve never left a chair empty. Not only does Scentsy sponsor the chairs, filled by employees, Scentsy Consultants and others who live nearby and sign up online, we also challenge the community to raise an additional $40,000 to maximize our impact. Together, the goal is to raise $250,000 annually to help charitable organizations continue their life-changing work. In 10 years, we’ve donated more than $2.5 million to local charities. 

Share the Comfort

Beyond Bedding - Building Hope and Dignity in Safe Havens with Somnvie

Domestic violence safe houses, hospices, and homeless shelters offer refuge, but quality bedding often eludes them. This lack of comfort compounds the emotional and physical burdens residents face.

Somnvie's Share the Comfort pillow program provides vulnerable residents with comfort they need. For every purchase at a local Somnvie event, a Somnvie pillow is donated to a chosen non-profit. Brand Associates select the shelters they want to impact.

Share the Comfort isn't just a community support program; it's a catalyst for growth. Since its 2020 launch, our Brand Associate team has expanded by 430%, fueled in part by their dedication to this meaningful program. This passion translates to over 416% growth in gross revenue, demonstrating the program's positive impact on both community and business. The numbers, however, only tell part of the story. Over 50 facilities have received more than 2,000 pillows and bedding products. These donated Somnvie products offer a sense of dignity, a touch of normalcy, during stressful and chaotic times.

This program is not just about donating luxury bedding; it's about fostering hope, rebuilding lives, and weaving a network of care where comfort takes center stage.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Education Opportunities

The Damsel mission is to keep equip, empower and EDUCATE people on important topics of safety and how to be safe. Our nationwide field of Damsel Pros protect their communities through education and the sale of personal protection products to defend themselves. We are a party plan company that in the era of Covid was experiencing the death of the home party and losing opportunities to protect. We had to get creative on ways to get our Damsel Pros back in front of their hostesses and audiences repeatedly to get them gathering in groups again in a compelling way. We decided that we could create 12 months of powerful content to keep our field going back to EDUCATE their audiences all year long through targeted awareness-based Education Opportunities by topic. These monthly releases consisted of Powerpoints presentations, training videos, promotional materials and assets that they could utilize together to attract both new and repeat audiences to increase their sales and retention o new Damsel Pros who were easily made experts through these tools. Our monthly topics to craft our content around were decided based on our missional awareness months and all content was shaped and successfully themed around them.


In July 2023, Herbalife proudly introduced HERBALIFE V, a certified Organic, non-GMO-verified, Kosher, Plant-based, and Vegan line. This launch exemplified our commitment to providing top-tier plant-based products, to attract new consumers.

Our innovative campaign unfolded in three phases. The pre-launch commenced with a compelling tease campaign initiated in January 2023, that included social teasers and extensive training on vegan and plant-based lifestyles. The Launch event featured a dynamic stage moment, live training, interactive quizzes, elevated sampling experiences, brand activations, new apparel, social media contests, a press release, and more!

Post-launch, our captivating plant-based narrative continued through testimonial videos and comprehensive digital efforts, resulting in effectively reaching our goals through rapid sellout of most products. The campaign's impact was extraordinary, involving over 100,000 Distributors and garnering over 3.3 million impressions on our social channels. Tailored to millennials and gen-z audiences seeking certified organic, vegan options, the campaign showcased authenticity by incorporating models living a plant-based lifestyle. Notably, this marked the fastest speed-to-market campaign execution in Herbalife's history, engaging hundreds of internal employees in a comprehensive 360 campaign. Our HERBALFIE V launch stands as a testament to Herbalife's commitment to innovation, authenticity, and meeting the evolving preferences of our diverse consumer base.

Royal Prestige primetime Cooking Shows presence increasing Direct selling awareness 

In 2023, Royal Prestige® focused on primetime cooking competition shows as an organic space to showcase the benefits of our product. These shows allowed us to reach massive audiences across five countries and were crucial for the growth of our business globally. As a kitchenware brand, we were pioneers in achieving extensive product placement in our category in these shows. In 2023, our brand reached nearly 100 million people in these shows, with stellar results in increasing brand awareness. In the Dominican Republic, MasterChef boosted Royal Prestige® to second place in brand awareness among our competition. In Brazil, our Aided Advertising Awareness grew by 28%, and our Advertising Awareness TOM grew by 12% in Peru.

Scentsy Air Purifier: Messes Welcome   

In the chaos of life, mess often comes with the territory. We used National Clean Air Month to amplify our Scentsy Air Purifier, which doesn’t just quietly clean the air — it also fills it with signature Scentsy fragrance. We invited customers to embrace the mess and find joy in everyday moments. Most companies promote air purifiers with sterile imagery, scientific jargon and scary statistics that shame customers into making the purchase. We created a fun and engaging campaign, embracing life in full color and capturing real families at home, including messy kids, stinky pets and dirty dishes! The Scentsy Air Purifier typically includes one HEPA H13 filter. During the month of May, every purchase included an additional replacement filter (a $35 USD value) for free. By including the bonus filter, we created a timely need to purchase, but our core campaign goal was to increase our air purifier market share long-term with a relatable story for every family — that messes are welcome here! Our “messes welcome” stories were hard to miss and easy to love, with a 206% increase in total social media impressions year over year during the campaign month.

Make a Shift

Young Living Essential Oils' Make a Shift campaign is a wellness initiative aimed at inspiring individuals to take charge of their health and well-being through simple yet life-changing solutions. The campaign emphasizes the transformative power of making small shifts in daily routines to achieve a more balanced and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Make a Shift is not just a campaign but a promise to our community that we will support your shift away from harmful chemicals in your cleaning, home fragrance, whole-body health and wellness. Created with care under our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, each Make a Shift kit highlights the natural and sustainable aspects of Young Living's products, promoting a harmonious relationship between personal health and the environment.

We believe in a world without compromise and Make a Shift is the key to unlocking a happier, healthier every day. We are guided by nature's journey in our mission to empower wellness, purpose, and abundance for communities around the world —one shift at a time.