Don’t create social media content: create programming

May 13, 2022

Social Media Day

Insights from DSA Social Media Day

Scott Kramer, Social Media Thought Leader and Chief Brain at Multibrain, kicked off DSA Social Media Day with the big word for 2022: CREATORS.

While much of the conversation the past few years has been around “influencers,” Kramer challenged this idea by defining creators as, “people who are trying to create a living off of the content they are creating.” For network marketing companies, this means your field should become creators. Instead of simply reposting corporate content, the push for 2022 is that your representatives are empowered and provided with the tools to create authentic, original content.

“We are all much more than marketers,” said Kramer. “We're not just marketing our brand. We are actually networks now. So, I want you to think of yourself almost like a television network. We are all networks.”

Kramer said that viewing ourselves as channels allows both corporate and the field to go forward with a strong vision for their programming: for all content to entertain, educate, or enlighten.

The master takeaway: we shouldn't be creating ads all the time. Kramer suggests the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of content should be programming, and 20 percent should be commercial. Like the way we watch a TV show, the actual show is 22 minutes long, and the commercials take up the other eight minutes.

Let your creativity flow and share that authentic content!


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