Top Social Media Tips from the Queen of Facebook

May 13, 2022


Takeaways from DSA Social Media Day: Top Tips for Success from Mari Smith, the "Queen of Facebook"

DSA’s first 2022 Social Media Day featured sessions by powerhouse featured speakers, engaging panels with top chief marketing officers, and networking time for participants.

Best-selling author and premier Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith weighed in on some of the biggest challenges, worst practices, and best practices for brands and reps in 2022:

Challenge for Brands:

  • The field is the one representing your company on social media, which means there is little control from corporate over the message that is portrayed to the public.

Worst Practices for Brands:

  • Offer no training
  • Assume that if you offer training, reps will voluntarily partake
  • Give reps too much scope to do whatever they want

Best Practices for Brands:

  • Train, train, train your field
  • Push video content creation
  • Keep standards high, but recognize and celebrate top leaders

Challenge for Reps:

  • Social media marketing today is extremely complicated and ever-changing

Worst Practices for Reps:

  • Tag tons of people in posts
  • Spam adding and DM-ing
  • Posting 100% sales posts or posting too often
  • Soliciting in others' groups

Best Practices for Reps:

  • Have a strong social media plan
  • Use and love what you're selling
  • Define and commit consistently to your personal brand
  • Engage genuinely
  • Post quality over quantity

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