Certification raises the bar for direct selling professionals

Sep 12, 2022


Since its launch in January 2021, more than 300 industry professionals have completed DSA’s Direct Selling Compliance Certification Program (DSCP-CP).

Offered twice a year, the comprehensive curriculum focuses on the big three: claims, monitoring and enforcement.

  • Claims:  Direct selling companies are responsible not only for the claims they make but also for the product and earnings claims made by their salesforce members. Investing time and resources in training ensures the field understands the claims they can and cannot make. Training should be mandatory and updated regularly to reflect legal or regulatory changes.
  • Monitoring: Have a system in place to monitor and audit claims being made by salesforce members about the product benefits and business opportunities. Monitoring ensures that the claims are truthful, accurate, and properly substantiated, and that unsupported claims are quickly removed.
  • Enforcement: A compliance program that looks great on paper but is then ignored might be worse than no compliance program at all. Develop appropriate enforcement mechanisms and ensure that they are applied fairly and consistently to deter future violations.

Certification raises the compliance bar for direct selling professionals. Join DSA for the next certification class, coming in Fall 2022.

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