Creating stronger bonds between our channel and regulators

Dec 21, 2022

DSA Legal and Regulatory Seminar

Reaching beyond elected officials, DSA and our channel’s voices are creating even stronger bonds with regulators at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Attendees of the DSA Legal & Regulatory Seminar heard remarks by Samuel Levine, Director for the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. DSA also recently filed comments questioning the need for the Federal Trade Commission’s suggested rulemaking on earnings claims.

At the request of DSA, four Senators and fourteen members of the House of Representatives submitted a letter to the FTC stating that the agency should heed the comments of DSA and other stakeholders before proceeding. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) referenced the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) as among the most successful examples of industry self-regulation in her presentation to DSA Legal & Regulatory Seminar attendees.

On another front, DSA has vigorously engaged with the U.S. Department of Labor regarding a proposed rule that could change how independent contractor status is determined for direct sellers and many others.

Specifically, DSA lent its voice to a forum hosted by the Labor Department and commented that any such independent contractor rule should not affect the current statutory status of direct sellers as independent contractors. DSA will remain a part of this ongoing rulemaking process.

We know that direct selling is a force for good. Amplifying our distributors’ voices and creating forums for them to engage ensures our representatives in Washington, D.C. understand the channel and how we differ from others.