Listening to Consumers and Sellers

Feb 24, 2023


Takeaways from the Direct Entrepreneur podcast with Cindy Monroe, Founder, Thirty-One Gifts

When Cindy Monroe founded Thirty-One Gifts 20 years ago, her goal was to provide women with solutions to organize their busy lives and give them an opportunity to run their own successful businesses. In just ten years, the company reached $750 million in annual revenue. Cindy remains active as the company’s founder and is an industry leader and voice. She serves as Vice Chair of the Direct Selling Association.

“Consumers are more demanding than ever,” says Cindy. “For example, they’re increasingly seeking out sustainably made and sourced products like ‘clean’ personal care and household products. Our sellers expect robust back office systems and state-of-the-art sales tools.”

“We must be savvy and flexible enough to respond while staying focused on what we’re good at. What worked well in the first 10 years of a business doesn’t necessary work for the next 10 years.”

Consumers and sellers aren’t giving companies the same runway to make changes that they once did. “They want it now! While start-up companies can typically be agile, change is often more difficult and complicated for mature companies.”

“We must also market the changes we’re making. To demonstrate that we’re listening and that we’re acting in their best interests. To show how innovation is keeping us relevant in the next season of our journey.”

“We can best serve our consumers and sellers by listening to them and understanding what they’re demanding.”           

Listen to the Direct Entrepreneur podcast conversation with DSA President Joe Mariano and Thirty-one Gifts founder Cindy Monroe : log into The Direct Entrepreneur series here.