DSA Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices Featured in Quarterly Social Media Day Workshops

May 02, 2023


The Direct Selling Association’s quarterly Social Media Day workshops deliver timely guidance and share best practices in a rapidly evolving digital world.

DSA’s January 2023 program featured the unveiling of the new DSA Social Media Guidelines Handbook. Experts in digital platforms, social media influencers, and direct selling leaders shared their insights and current trends shaping social media during the program.

Guidelines built to empower and comply

DSA’s new guidelines are a resource and advocacy tool for DSA member companies and their distributors, developed to ensure all online activity adheres to consumer protections and regulatory compliance. Member companies can download the documents and adapt them for their distributors.

The “top ten” guidelines were shared during DSA’s January event. They include naming conventions, income claims and prohibited content. “Our industry has strict requirements and standards to abide by, including the DSA Code of Ethics and the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council. There are consequences when these are disregarded,” said Joseph Mariano, CEO of the Direct Selling Association.

“How we behave as direct sellers on the internet is particularly important,” said host Scott Kramer of Multibrain, who worked with the DSA Communications Committee to create this handbook. “These guidelines and standards demonstrate the association’s commitment to proper social media etiquette to sellers, to customers, and to regulators.”

The Communications Committee focused on developing helpful guidelines that empower independent distributors to use social media the right way. “These are designed to be a bumper, not just a list of ‘don’ts,’” said Kramer.

DSA Social Media Day May 8

DSA is taking its Social Media Day to a new level: Member companies can provide access to this online  event to their independent distributors as a training opportunity. The lineup features industry social media experts sharing the latest training and best practices for distributors to grow their business on social.

DSA’s Social Media Guidelines will top the agenda. “These guidelines are a living document for DSA members to use for themselves and the field,” said Mariano.