Entrepreneurship and the Importance of Evolving with the Times

Sep 11, 2023


In the world of entrepreneurship, success often stems from a combination of passion, adaptability, and a keen eye for business drivers. Steve Fife CEO of LifeVantage, discussed his unconventional journey, from accounting to entrepreneurship in a conversation with DSA President and CEO Joe Mariano.

With a background in finance and a desire to impact people's lives, Fife found his niche at LifeVantage, making significant contributions as the company’s CFO and today as its CEO. He shares his insights on entrepreneurship and the importance of evolving with the times.

“Part of entrepreneurship is a reinvention that takes place within companies,” says Fife. “It’s learning from experience and making mistakes, but further advancing what you’re a part of.”

Key takeaways include:

  • Never be content with where you’re at; and accelerate your pace of change
  • Don’t stand still, choose to evolve
  • Share the same passion you have for the products you sell as you do for entrepreneurship

Fife emphasizes the success of LifeVantage hinges on the achievements of its 50,000 independent consultants, all of whom embody a shared passion for the product and entrepreneurship. The world is experiencing “growth at an accelerating rate” that is particularly driven by the younger generations, he says. They’ve witnessed the successes of those who chose non-traditional career paths, inspiring them to seek alternatives beyond the typical “9-to-5 grind.”

“Continue to dream. Have a vision that is bigger than what you can imagine today, because life is going to catch up with those visions. If you’re not evolving, you’ll get left behind,” he adds.

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