Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Insights from Scott Kramer

Sep 28, 2023


 With a background in entrepreneurship and entertainment, Scott Kramer has navigated his way through multiple industries, leaving a trail of success in his wake. Kramer is the CEO of Multibrain, an award-winning software company whose social media software products power over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide including some of the top direct selling brands in the world. He has been at Multibrain since 2011.

For Kramer, being an entrepreneur means constantly seeking what's next and embracing the inherent uncertainty and risk that come with it. “The greatest force of nature is the human spirit,” he said.

Kramer’s advice for entrepreneurs:

  • Be a visionary and enjoy seeing what’s next.
  • Pay attention to self-doubt but don’t let that ruin your spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Everybody has the opportunity to create a community.
  • Blow away the blockers and walls to be successful and leave your path wide open.

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