The Direct Entrepreneur: Insights from Joni Rogers-Kante and Nancy Bogart

Dec 20, 2023


In the latest episode of The Direct Entrepreneur podcast, we were pleased to welcome Nancy Burke as our guest host. Nancy engaged in conversation with two leading women in business and direct selling—Joni Rogers-Kante and Nancy Bogart. Joni, the founder and CEO of SeneGence, has firmly etched her name in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Beyond her business success, Joni's commitment to community initiatives and philanthropy, exemplified through The Make Sense Foundation, showcases a harmonious blend of business acumen and social impact. 

Nancy Bogart entered direct selling following the founding of Jordan Essentials where she is the CEO. Her commitment to helping women is evident in every product she curates for Jordan Essentials.  

What shines through in this episode is the friendship and mentorship between Joni and Nancy. Through their time as founders and leaders of their respective companies, they’ve developed a strong bond sharing their strengths with one another in addition to developing each other into more effective entrepreneurial leaders. 

The podcast episode not only delves into their individual journeys but also offers valuable advice for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections, mentorship and an abundance mindset. The Direct Entrepreneur continues to share best practices for aspiring business leaders, providing insights into the lives and philosophies of entrepreneurs like Joni Rogers-Kante and Nancy Bogart. Click here to listen.