A Life in and Around Politics-DSA's Conversation with Rep. Richard Hudson

January 9, 2018




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Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) and Adolfo Franco, Direct Selling Association












Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) caught the political bug early. He remembers standing in front of the local fire station on Election Day campaigning with his Grandfather who served for over 30 years on the City Council. Rep. Hudson had a unique combination of business skills and public service in different capacities before being elected to Congress in 2012. “I enjoyed working for people I believe in.” Specifically citing his time as district director for former Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC) in the same district he represents today.

While the Congressman touts being one of most conservative members of Congress, he is still able to work across the aisle with Democrats to solve problems. “I observed Congress as a staff person and watched people do this job well and not do the job well.” He also cites the importance of investing time in building relationships with members of the other party. So when it finally comes time to work together on something there is already a strong foundation.

One example of that is working on a bill that passed out of House of Representatives and Senate unanimously. The legislation would allow EMTs to have controlled substances, such as morphine on ambulances. Unless updated, federal law prohibited EMTs from having these supplies on ambulances until the legislation was signed into law by the President last month.

Rep. Hudson also discussed his personal experience in direct selling which he got involved with to help pay his way through college. “What I love about direct selling is it is true entrepreneurs” calling it is a “truly American business.”

He agrees with his colleague on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) who has said she credits her being in Congress to direct selling. Congressman Hudson thinks it is because direct selling teaches you to “connect with people where they are and very quickly build a rapport with someone to find out what their needs and concerns are and find out a way to meet those needs.”

Rep. Hudson closed by talking about the importance of DSA engaging with legislators. “It’s important that we have the association working with us because challenges are out there and people don’t understand the business. You do have pyramid schemes out there and the industry gets painted with that brush. It’s important we stand up and draw a distinction between pyramid schemes and legitimate direct selling companies.”

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