Direct Selling Association Sends Proposal to Congressional Leaders for Next Stimulus

April 14, 2020

Direct Selling Association President Joseph N. Mariano sent a letter to congressional leaders urging more relief for direct sellers in the next stimulus legislation. Although the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided some resources that could be available, they may not be sufficient after surging demand for these programs. Further protections should also be provided to preserve the freedom and flexibility to operate their businesses now and in the future.  

DSA proposes three policies:

  • Waive self-employment taxes on all 1099 filers for two years
  • Increased tax credit or allowance for telework or work-from-home expenses (including business startup and operational expenses) that can be claimed by self-employed individuals or companies incurring expense to enable their employees or contractors to work from home
  • If an independent contractor accesses temporary expanded benefits under the CARES Act, this cannot be used in future actions to determine employee status.

To see the full text of the letter, please click here.

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I have additional questions, who can I contact?

You may contact Adolfo Franco, Executive Vice President.