DSA Discusses Effective Coalition Management in Government Relations

April 6, 2017


DSA Attorney and Government Relations Manager Brian Bennett was a featured panelist at the State Government Affairs Committee 2017 National Summit, March 31, in New Orleans. In a session entitled “Managing Coalitions,” Bennett discussed DSA’s leadership of and participation in a number of cross-disciplinary coalitions — at both the state and federal level — that have led, ultimately, to passage and defeat of legislation beneficial and detrimental to direct selling, respectively.

Bennett also offered insight into best practices and advice on how to make such coalitions more efficient and effective.


L to R: Maureen Riehl, Principal and Counsel, Multistate Associates; Allison Fleming, Director, State & Local Government Relations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.;
Ellen B. Marshall, Principal, Marshall & Company; Brian Bennett, DSA Attorney and Government Relations Manager share insights on managing effective coalitions.

For more information on DSA’s government relations programs and how to get involved, please contact Brian Bennett at bbennett@dsa.org

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