The Direct Selling Association Focuses on Women Entrepreneurs at 2023 Roundtable Kickoff in Oklahoma

April 17, 2023

United States Congressman Kevin Hern (R-OK) Meets with Constituent Direct Sellers


(WASHINGTON D.C. – April 14, 2023) – The Direct Selling Association Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable Series kicked off its fifth year at an in-person meeting with Representative Kevin Hern (R-OK) hosted by Joni Rogers Kante and Senegence in Sapulpa, OK. Over the course of the series, direct selling salesforce members have met with more than a dozen Members of Congress to share their entrepreneurial journeys.

Nine women entrepreneurs from Oklahoma’s First Congressional District met to discuss the flexibility to work a direct selling business around their busy schedules and opportunities the businesses have provided personally and professionally. Five direct selling companies were represented at the roundtable.

Rep. Hern said, “It was great to sit down with women business owners from across the First District today. I have personal experience in direct selling, so I understand how the industry creates and nurtures the spirit of entrepreneurship. They show a true affinity for people and have shown how running their business the right way can make a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities.”

“Connecting independent contractors with elected officials like Rep. Hern allows these women business owners to share their interests first-hand with those who are making important policy decisions that impact their businesses,” shared Joseph N. Mariano, DSA president. “We appreciate Rep. Hern and Senegence for taking time to help us kick off the fifth year of this important series and providing the opportunity for sharing how entrepreneurship has impacted their lives with thriving businesses.”

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