Thursday, September 24, 2020 (1pm - 2:15pm US/Eastern)

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One of this biggest hurtles to creating an inclusively diverse Culture and Community is the presence of unconscious biases and unidentified blind spots that often prevent every one of us to operate as a true inclusive leader. This interactive webinar, in a different format than the previous ones, will provide you with a combination of important learnings, as well as an interactive dialogue with concrete examples and learnings from participants.

The first 30 minutes will cover the key factors that will help you first understand and identify the basis of beliefs and behaviors leading to the most predominant forms of unconscious bias, in relation to both employee and Field interactions. The last 30 minutes will be used to illustrate with concrete and relatable examples that participants can share and/or Mona will provide based on frequently seen situations most relevant to our industry and business model.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to not only learn but to also start becoming part of the solution in our mission to create a more equitable and inclusive industry and culture. Please note that only the first 30 minutes of this webinar will be recorded. We will not record or make available the interactive part of this webinar, so we highly encourage you to participate in person.

Cancellation and Other Policies:

Materials and presentations provided as a part of this virtual event are intended for attendees of this meeting. Distribution without prior written consent from DSA is not allowed.

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