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Direct Selling Association

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DSA's SmartStart Toolbox is exactly what you need if you're starting or developing a direct selling, network marketing or multilevel marketing company. You'll get important information on many of the different areas with which a small or growing company needs to be concerned, including: ethical obligations in the industry, financial and tax issues, conducting salesforce conventions, technology, social media and much, much more. The Toolbox also includes articles written by industry professionals, giving new companies their perspective on a variety of topics. You'll also find in-depth information on the products and services available from more than 25 DSA Supplier Members, information about the industry as a whole and a Guide to Supplier Members. Containing more than 40 individual components, this is a resource you cannot afford to be without if you want to start or grow your direct selling company right!

Product Details:

Product ID: SST5
Publication Year: 2012