Salespeople should not be encouraged or required to purchase products which they cannot reasonably be expected to consume, use or resell.

DSA’s Code of Ethics requires that member companies take clear and reasonable steps to ensure that independent salespeople are consuming, using and/or reselling inventory they may purchase.  It is important that individual salespeople are not burdened with inventory they cannot resell or consume themselves.  

Direct selling companies are encouraged to meet this requirement by putting in place procedures which adequately demonstrate that products they market and sell are being used by actual consumers.

 Such procedures could include, but are not limited to categorical descriptions of:

  • Those individuals joining with the intent of purchasing products and/or services for resale,
  • Those individuals joining to sell products and/or services to consumers, who receive the products/services directly from the direct selling company,
  • Those individuals joining with the intent to purchase products and/or services at a discount for their own consumption or use,
  • Those individuals purchasing products and/or services directly from salespeople for their own consumption or use and
  • Those individuals purchasing directly from the company for their own consumption or use without joining.

 Adopted by the DSA Board of Directors June 3, 2017