Make Your Voice Heard on Election Day

Oct 24, 2022


Voting is the best way to register your opinion about who should lead our communities and nation, and  how candidates for federal office have supported direct selling priorities in Congress.

You will undoubtedly weigh many factors before casting your ballot on November 8. It’s important for direct sellers to know which candidates for federal office have supported entrepreneurs, independent contractors and ultimately, our community.

The Direct Selling Association 2022 Voters’ Guide was prepared for DSA member companies and the millions of entrepreneurs in the United States who sell products or services through the direct selling channel. The Guide describes the candidates for United States House of Representatives and United States Senate across the country who have supported the direct selling channel over the past two years by:

  • Joining the Congressional Direct Selling Caucus

    This group of almost 40 members of the U.S. House of Representatives understands the importance of direct selling to national and local economies. The Caucus serves as a bipartisan forum to build greater awareness of direct selling and discuss policy issues relevant to the channel and the 18 million Americans involved in direct selling.
  • Sponsoring or co-sponsoring H.R. 5038, “The Preserving Direct Seller Independence Act.”

    H.R. 5038 is legislation introduced in August 2021 that would protect and preserve the independent contractor status for millions of direct sellers.

The Direct Selling Association 2022 Voters’ Guide is a resource – not an endorsement – for informed voting. DSA has the great privilege of representing direct sellers in Washington DC.

While we take pride in making sure that lawmakers hear your voices day in and day out, it’s clear that the success of DSA’s advocacy on behalf of direct sellers ultimately depends on you.