Direct Selling Association Hosts the Industry’s Only Annual Event that Brings Regulators and Executives Together

October 16, 2020

On October 13-15, the Direct Selling Association hosted its annual Legal & Regulatory Seminar @ Home. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the seminar was held virtually. The seminar provided the only annual event for the direct selling industry that allows executives to hear directly from a variety of regulators across the government. DSA builds relationships with government officials and agencies with responsibility for consumer protection. DSA provides seminars such as this as a forum for policymakers to interact with industry executives.

This year’s keynote speaker, Commissioner Noah J Phillips of the Federal Trade Commission said, “Multi-level marketing may have certain benefits over traditional retailing because it depends on direct relationships between sellers and consumers, can help companies reach consumers that they would not otherwise be able to be reach and may allow for sales to consumers and communities who might be underserved by traditional retail. Multi-level marketing can also give consumers the opportunity to supplement their income.” He continued “Multi-level marketing done correctly can benefit distributors and customers. But when an MLM is found to be an illegal pyramid scheme, defendants – including senior management, promoters and distributors – can expect to be named personally, to face bans, and required to turn over their ill-gotten gains.”

Officials from across a spectrum of the government, campaign spokespersons from the major presidential campaigns, leading industry experts, the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council, and Direct Selling Education Foundation fellows also addressed the more than 200 virtual attendees.  DSA President Joseph Mariano noted that “Addressing legal, regulatory and consumer issues are the primary role of the Association. DSA engages with government officials on a daily basis and looks forward to this annual event to enable DSA executives to hear from them directly. DSA will continue to advocate for direct selling’s unique and important place in the American economy as regulations and technology evolves.”

DSA extends a special thank you to Winston & Strawn for their generous sponsorship of this event. To view the full agenda please go here,

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