John Amico Haircare Products
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Address: 4731 West 136th Street
Crestwood, IL 60445-1968
Phone: 800-676-5264
Fax: 708-824-0413
Social Networking:
Products / Services: Essential Oils, Haircare/Hair Accessories, Personal Care
Company Description:
Our operating philosophy is a simple one; Amico Educational Concepts, Inc., strives to be the best business opportunity and business support group in the professional salon industry where professionals and salon owners can achieve their fullest potential by offering the finest products and services to their clients. Our previous experiences in the salon industry as an owner of various chains of salons, multiple beauty schools and as a pioneer in salon franchising has allowed us to use our experiences and competencies to help independent professionals and salon owners. This includes business support systems within the salon as well as continuing education including hands-on workshops for dressing the hair.
Sales Strategy: Person-to-Person
Countries of Operation: United States
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