[jBloom logo]
Address: 2103 Parkway Drive
Saint Peters, MO 63376-6460
Phone: 636-922-3853
Fax: 636-441-6881
E-mail: bret@jbloomdesigns.com
Website(s): http://www.jbloomdesigns.com/
Social Networking: jbloomdesigns jBloomDesigns
Products / Services: Jewelry
Company Description:
JBloom is a "unique" jewelry company. The foundation of jBloom is the core belief that wearing beautiful, versatile, quality jewelry pieces makes a woman feel more self confident, more beautiful, and even empower her to be the best she can be. It is our mission to create and deliver products designed to help women look amazing and give them the opportunity and tools needed to build a strong and successful business.
Sales Strategy: Party Plan
Countries of Operation: United States
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